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USR, a complaint to the House of Commons on behalf of Florin Iordache, followed by an obscure gesture of the plenary session

The USR deputy group will file a complaint Monday with deputy Florodu Iordacheh, a deputy to the PSD, demanding his sanction after a plenum gesture by raising both fingers.

Picture of the USR article, appeal to the Council of Deputies on behalf of Florin Iordache, after the obscure gesture of the plenary session

USR, a complaint to the House of Commons on behalf of Florin Iordache, followed by an obscure gesture of the plenary session

"Mr President, parliamentary group of the Alliance of Romania from the House of Representatives, we form this disciplinary call, with which we pray with respect to take the most horrible disciplinary measures against the deputy Florina Iordache for the following reasons: We show that on November 14, 2018, Deputy Florin Iordache attended a plenary session of the MP at home, asking him to talk about law adoption of the OUG 90/2018.

At the descent from the stands, deputy Florin Iordache sent an obscene gesture to the deputies present in the hall, gesturing toward the room of the USR deputies. We believe that the above act has the effect of encouraging violent and harmful sexual behavior, and the public is directly exposed to this risk due to the reputation of suicide brought to the presence of the deputies present in the room. Also, due to the fact that offensive events have been conducted in the context of live broadcasts and widely distributed by a person who influences public opinion (the deputy of Romania and the former minister), such unfair behavior can be maintained in society, "said USR selected in the text of the announcement on Monday will be delivered to the House of Commons.

US lawmakers are seeking Florino Iordache's sanction, stating that insulting attitudes should not be tolerated.

"The use of offensive behavior should not be tolerated under any circumstances. When the facts are happening in the plenum parliamentary assembly in a video show and carried out by a deputy, public perception has been transmitted that non-verbal violence can be used as long as it is in the country's largest democracy democracy. that an example that comes from a senior high official can be maintained in society, and if insulting behavior is exciting even at the highest level, it is an excuse in everyday life.

Such a conclusion is against all norms of civilized behavior, the European values ​​of tolerance, the right to freedom of expression and the principles of the rule of law. As we have already seen, the actions of the deputy Florin Iordache not only violate all the norms of conduct imposed on this office by legal norms, but also bring serious harm to the entire Parliament by merging Members with the execution of a part of non-status. Having in mind the description of the above-mentioned part and the content of the applicable law, we ask you to review this case as urgent and to have the most serious sanction for violating the above-mentioned rules by Florina Iordache. "According to the quoted source.

The report was signed by USR Dan Barn and will be sent to the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragne. The complaint also includes the signatures of US lawmakers.

Images of the plenary session on Wednesday were surprised by Florina Iordachea when he returned from the table and raised both hands with his fingers in the air.

"The president of the Commission for Systematization, unification in the judiciary has just caused obscene gestures from the assembly of this assembly to the colleagues of the parliament. These obscene gestures, Mr. Iordache, do not show us, you show them Ruma," USR deputy Stelian Ion said.

He spoke right after PSD deputy Florin Iordache said the Social Democrats would go ahead with the justice reform.

The Social Democrats also complained to opposition members: "It's devoid of defending Romania, we are under pressure because we want to be independent."

The discussion was held after a plenum of the House of Representatives adopted a draft law on adoption of the State Emergency Office 90/2018 on some measures for the operationalization of the Criminal Investigation Service, in the form of the Government.

Later, on a journalist's question, Iordache avoided commenting on the gesture at Parliament's plenum, where he raised his fingers from both hands, saying only: "It seemed to you, that's the point of view."

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