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Synology DiskStation Manager 7.0 Software

I tested several Synology NAS over time and, for each of them, whether they were input devices or better, the management software gave one of the common pro points every time. .

Synology DiskStation Manager has reached version 7.0, currently in beta, which can be downloaded here, and will be offered from the first part of next year as an update for Synology compatible devices, which will be announced later .

According to Synology, DSM 7.0 improves every aspect of the operating system, from storage management and user interface to functionality in cloud, such as large-scale device monitoring and storage on demand.

It seems that istarting with the basics, the new storage features from DSM 7.0 will simplify and speed up system administrators’ workflows, thus providing practices for maintenance much more accessible.

The main features and new features of Synology DiskStation Manager 7.0:

  • SSD cache is a good way to increase system performance and now DSM 7.0 allows users O add at any time or to turn it off, without affecting services. The new SSD cache feature Assessor it is more accurate, analyzes I / O data in real time, leading to better user suggestions;
  • Faster and more secure authentication. In DSM 7.0, authentication is a lot more flexible duecomplicated Sinology For sure Login, a new mobile app that allows system administrators to secure accounts effortlessly;
  • Fiber channel support and SAN manager. DSM 7.0 is now supported i protocols FC (Fiber Channel). New features are also introduced of type “host alias ” which eliminates the need to remember IQN or WWPN and simplifies setting permissions. Tan, Replaces SAN Manager iSCSI Unified Management Manager of storage;
  • Better photo management. We application Sinology Pictures is based on functions IA from Moments and on organizational flexibility provided by photo Station;
  • Administration console Sinology Drive shows clearer and more detailed information about connected devices, as well as which files are shared externally and how often this is done;
  • storage cloud on demand. Hybrid To share phermit users to expand storage localcomplicated with O storage cloud on demand i to quickly synchronize data between multiple sites using the bandwidth of the needlesShop. It also allows use specific functionNo of cache memory local for data cloud often downloaded, thus providing a faster access;
  • Tracking the entire fleet. active Insight allows tracking of all NAS sites Sinology from infrastructures, using not more a single portal. Custom notifications can be created to alert administrators of possible issues related to CPU load, storage usage, write latency, and more. In addition, aadministrators can create custom groups and communication channels for certain teams, therefore these being able to respond as soon as possible;
  • Unlimited backup. basantsit is robust his Sinology C2, Sinology will introduces a new data protection solution that allows direct backups Sinology C2. Support for Windows and Windows Server, Linux, macOS, hypervisors VMware or Hyper-V, too and popular platforms SaaS will provide full support for most IT environments. Storage capacity can be climbing for maximum profitability and subscribers will enjoy flexibility very good for paying for the service;
  • RA performanceJoD 6 up to 80% faster;
  • speeds Cash SSD write-back up to 200% more;
  • Faster and smarter RAID repairs, just repairing the affected space;
  • Increased performance with SSD cache memory and the option to correct a file metadata;
  • Support for volumes up to 1 PB per archiving tasks;
  • Active backup for businesses goes to offerup complete for platforms macOS i Sinology DSM (davailable further awayr);
  • Volume deduplication due to significant increase in storage efficiency (davailable further awayr).

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