Tuesday , September 27 2022

A hot bath reduces blood sugar and inflammation


This is especially true for sedentary people who do not engage in active physical life. This conclusion was given by British experts.

Scientists have reported that the hot bath significantly reduces blood sugar and inflammation. The study was conducted at Loughborough University.

The inactive young men with excess weight participated in the experiment. They were invited to take hot baths, the water temperature at 39 degrees.

During previous experiments, the bond has already been established between what is the temperature of the human body and how the body produces nitric oxide. This element deals with the transmission of blood glucose.

In a recent study, scientists have discovered that even one warm bath causes an increase in the production of this element several times.

During the last experiment, respondents were offered a daily warm bath. As a result, a significant drop in blood sugar and insulin was observed.

At the same time, doctors do not recommend receiving warm baths for those with chronic cystitis, hemorrhoids and a range of other diseases.

In this way, the advantage of boiling water is further increased. Not long before it was discovered that they were also successful in coping with depression.

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