Thursday , October 6 2022

Aeroflot will prohibit its employees from using smartphones in the office :: Business :: RBC


So, the leadership of the country's largest airline company intends to deal with information leaks. The ban will extend to mobile phones and other devices that allow you to capture photos and videos, as well as audio recording

Photo: Valeri Sharulin / TASS

Aeroflot has prepared an order that will prohibit its employees from using mobile phones with photographic, video and audio recordings in their offices, as well as other devices with such functions. This was reported by the RBC representative of Aeroflot.

"The order has been prepared under the legislation of the Russian Federation, and its purpose is to ensure the information security of the state-owned company. The last case of insertion into the information field of this order, whose copy is clearly made from the mobile device, clearly demonstrates the correctness of the decision," he said.

Earlier information about the initiative that is being implemented in the company He appeared on Twitter, Chairman of the Committee for Humanitarian Assistance "Need Assistance" Mitia Aleshkovsky, who published a recording of a corresponding order signed by the head of company Vitaly Saveljev. One of the points in the document reads:

"To approve the attached list of employees who can use mobile phones and other devices for work needs in workplaces that allow audio recording and / or video and photography in a confidential manner."

At the end of September, the British edition of The Register drew attention to the fact that Aeroflot's data and company service data showed open access. Access to the publication documents received without any further approval. There were no data on users in the materials found by the journalists, but there were official files, images and tariff settings. Such open information can help attackers find vulnerabilities on the Russian company's website.

Commenting this at Aeroflot he saidnot to use containers that have been open for several years, and therefore do not contain relevant data.

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