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Alexander Tsekalo cheated on his wife: the show was caught by a young brunette


Video shot at one of Moscow's restaurants

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Producer and Shoemaker Alexander Tsekalo married not so long ago. His youngest sister was the former soloist of "VIA Gra" Vera Breznova Viktorija. However, the eastern girlfriend, with whom she gave a show to her hands in an Italian restaurant, is not like a blond at all.

Alexander Tsekalo cheated on his wife: the show was caught by a young brunette

photo: Владимир Чистаков

The video on which Alekander Csekalo takes care of an unknown person appeared at StarHit's disposal. On the video, the non-young wife of the sister of singer Vera Brezhnev loves the hands of a certain brunette, whispers something in her ear and hugs her waist.

All this happens in one of the Italian restaurants in the capital.

A girl of the eastern look is not at all like wife Tsekalo blonde Victoria Gluško. The publication says no-one talks about the betrayal of Victoria's husband, although even family members are up-to-date.

Recall, Tsekalo and Galushko played a secret wedding in 2008. The woman gave birth to a bunch of three children. Couple often travels and publishes a photo of a happy life together. After the birth of her third child, Victoria and Alekander have already contacted together.

Keep in mind that Tsekalo is married twice. And the first marriage – from Lolita Miliavskaia – was terminated precisely because of Alexander's irregularities, which everyone was talking about.

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