Saturday , August 13 2022

Alyona Kravets, after separating from her husband, crashed around the corners


Model of 33 years
going through a difficult period. After breaking up with her husband Alain
Kravets moved to a rented apartment.

The singer does not intend to forgive the unfaithful husband and he will
bring the case to divorce. Alena Kravets is hard to endure with betrayal, but she does
The search for salvation at work to become financially independent.

Alena Kravets admitted that her nine-year-old daughter, Daniella, still lives with her father. The model is trying to recover it, but at the moment it is difficult to do. "Sorry, I do not live
now in his house. Not only does he not even live
to your apartment in Moscow. I have to rent a house because
I do not want them to have control over all my steps, "-

By the way, recently Ruslan
Kravets pulled out of heir to the country, but they've been back
to russia Now, Alena Kravets has dedicated all her strength to her career, because the spouse is blocked
your bills.

The singer prepares fans a lot of surprises.
So, his video for the song "I Am Not Yours!" It will be published soon, as well as many interviews and
photo sessions

We recall that the separation of Alena Kravets with her husband went through the scandal. Model
He trapped the betrayal, and man
beat her After that, she left her husband.

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