Thursday , May 19 2022

Audi E-Tron is at the top of TOP-5 electric crossovers that can compete with Tesla


Many car companies have now started to develop electric cars and have achieved quite a good success in this. Experts have decided to present an overview of several electric crossovers that can push Tesla electric vehicles on the market.

First of all, experts have paid attention to the German Audi E-Tron, whose assembly began in autumn 2018. The car was introduced in Geneva, and it has already been sold pre-orders and will soon be delivered to customers. The crossover will have to pay 80,000 euros. In the second position was the Nissan IMk Kuro, introduced in the autumn of last year. Vehicles equipped with an electric motor of 435 hp, which provides a range of 600 km.

Top 3 closes Ford 1st March, a design that combines the design of the Ford Explorer and the Ford Mustang GT. The "American" will receive an electric motor, which will allow it to exceed the distance of 480 km. The top five included the Mercedes-Benz EKC with 450 km and Volvo 40.2, which will be built on the basis of the Volvo KSC60 and Volvo KSC90 concepts.

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