Saturday , April 17 2021

AVTOVAZ expands the LADA brand line


Dmitry Azarov appreciated the capabilities of the sports car at the Moscow International Motor Show last year. At the same time, the certificate for the purchase of the first production car was presented to the head of the region by Yev Karakatzanis, president of AvtoVAZ PJSC. Yesterday, Dmitry Azarov reached the dealer of a new car, thus opening the sales of new items. "Very strong emotions, the car had to wait", the governor shared his impressions. – I became the proud owner of a new car: a modern sport, which has its own character and its own momentum. "
AVTOVAZ characterizes this model as a car for those who seek constant driving both in life and on the road. The car with a sporty character combines easy handling and a rich set of equipment. In total, LADA Vesta Sport has more than 200 pieces and new assemblies. The car looks sporty and aggressive, consisting of an aerodynamic body kit, a 31 mm suspension and a wide track with large 17-inch wheels on low-profile tires. The model belonging to the world of speeds is determined by the name plate of the volume with the name of the modification – Sport, located on the grid of the radiator.
It should be noted that the demand for a new product is already here. "People came and asked. The car is really mobile, energetic and modern. I think that the interest in the car will be. But we understand that it is not a mass model. This is a Individual car, and there are and will always be buyers, "said Sergey Kuskov, director of the Komsomolskaya service station.

The most important rhythm

We recall, largely because of the efforts of the regional government, AVTOVAZ concluded a special investment contract with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation. According to the conditions, within ten years the plant will invest around 70 billion rubles in production, create 2,300 new jobs, continue expanding the range of cars. "The plant is being successfully developed. For the Samara region it is very important. The agreements, set in a special investment contract and signed at the federal level, are the key to continue with the dynamic development of the plant. And that means that new jobs will be created, they will invest in modernization and production, new models will appear, "Azarov said.
The governor noted the effective work of the business team, which is implementing the business plan at a faster pace. Due to this, the plant maintains a leading position in the Russian market. Dmitry Azarov said: AVTOVAZ will continue to receive state and regional support.

Dmitry Azarov,
Governor of the Samara region:

– I am sure that this model complicates the market in general and drivers who know how to drive a car quite professionally and accurately. And enjoy the speed and driving of the sport.

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