Monday , December 6 2021

Charge: Sable injured a woman during an illegal entry into an apartment


FBK lawyer (included in the register of foreign agents) Lyubov Sobol caused “bodily harm” to the victim in case of illegal entry into the apartment, according to the indictment. In addition, “illegal entry caused him moral harm,” the document says.

“On the day of the crime, Sobol noticed the messenger and tricked him into saying that his son was in the apartment. The messenger accepted and took Sable away. After that, he burst into the hallway, grabbed her the hand of the victim Subbotina and, despite his resistance, he entered apartment number 37. There he walked around someone else’s apartment, rented the premises by phone and left the apartment. to find that the victim Subbotina had bodily injury and the illegal entry caused him moral damage “, says the indictment, which was read out in court by a representative of the prosecution (quoted by TASS). she also believes Ms. Sobol hoped to scare those on the floor with the help of the shooting, as well as increase interest in herself.

Ms. Sobol is videotaping the hearing taking place in Perovsky district court. The victims are against the shooting. Judge Inna Shelobodina repeatedly asked the defendant to remove the camera, but the lawyer refuses to do so, referring to the rules of the Constitution. Mrs. Shelobodina announced a break three times. The prosecutor asked that Lyubov Sobol be brought to justice under the article on non-execution of the judge’s order. He faces 15 days in custody or a fine of 1,000 rubles.

On December 25, the criminal case against Lyubov Sobol was opened. The reason was his attempt to talk to Konstantin Kudryavtsev, whom opposition leader Alexei Navalny called a participant in his alleged poisoning. Sobol faces two years in prison. The lawyer is under house arrest, but was allowed to go to church and pick up her son from school. In March, the court remanded his case for a new trial.

More details about the case – in the material “Kommersant” “Lyubov Sobol will not come out scared.

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