Saturday , August 20 2022

Daniel Kvyat: We got the most out of the car


Daniel Kvyat was about to get the final qualification in China: only 0.022 seconds were not enough, but he hopes to fight for points in the race …

The question is satisfied with its performance in the qualification
Daniil KvyatA: Yes, very satisfied. We got the most out of the car, I'm satisfied with my driving in all circles. The car is also well managed. There is still something to work to constantly fight to enter the final, but the car is improving.

So far, this is our best season qualification. We have found the right direction to continue working. I hope that the next Grand Prix will be even faster.

Q: You could not add it to your last fastest lap. Are you having problems?
Daniil Kvyat: My previous round was very good, and the last was very close to him in time. In fact, I repeated the circle: the time difference is small, the two circles were good.

Question: Is it better to reach the final or start the 11 and choose the most difficult tires for the first segment?
Daniil Kvyat: I do not know. Always try to take the highest place possible at the beginning, but think about the strategy on Sunday. In the afternoon we will have an informative session in which we will discuss the options for a strategy for the race. I can not say anything yet, but we will think so. We have options, but I do not know what tire composition I will start with.

Question The rhythm of the race inspires confidence
Daniil Kvyat: It was good yesterday. In the second session I could work on an empty road and helped. You need to be realistic: the fight to the classification was adjusted and, in the race, the situation will be repeated. We are in the middle group, so at least we can fight.

Q: Do you think the tire strategy will be simple and predictable?
Daniil Kvyat: As I said, we will decide the strategy in the afternoon. We will think and make a decision. So far we have not even discussed this topic.

The question is satisfied with the work of the power plant
Daniil Kvyat: Yes, after yesterday everything is in order. Today there were no problems.

Question: How difficult was it to keep the Soft tires in the classification?
Daniil Kvyat: C4 – not the composition of the tires, where it can be driven to a great distance. In China, a long, abrasive asphalt circle that leads to wear. The composition is pretty smooth, but I think that Pirelli is the right choice. In previous years, they also made the right choice for the Shanghai stage.

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