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Dvorkovich denied his participation in the accession of Abyzov abroad: Society :: RBC


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Dvorkovich denied his involvement in the accession of Abyzov from abroad

After the arrest of Abyzov, there were suggestions that he could come to Moscow on the day of his former companion. Dvorkovich said he was celebrating a vacation not in the capital

Arkady Dvorkovich

(Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / Zuma / TASS)

Arkady Dvorkovich, co-chair of the Skolkovo Foundation, said he did not call the former Open Minister Mikhail Abyzov, who was accused of fraud during his birthday and did not celebrate the holidays in Moscow. He informed this to Interfax.

"I was not celebrating in Moscow, I went with my family, I did not call anyone. I have not talked to him for several weeks, "said Dvorkovich. According to him, the arrest of Abiezov surprised him. Dvorkovich added that he spoke to Abyzov a few weeks before his arrest.

Abyzov was transferred to a double room with TV and fridge


Abyzov was arrested on March 26, on the evening of the same day, there were reports that he flew to the capital on the day of his former companion's birth. The next day, the lawyer of the former minister said that Abyzov was arrested after searching home in the town of Zhukovka, near Moscow. Abyzov lived in Russia and traveled abroad for two or three days, the defender said.

According to the investigation, Abyzov, along with his accomplices, kidnapped and exported 4,000 million rubles to the foreigner, deceiving the shareholders of Sibeko and RES. The former minister does not recognize guilty, the court stopped him until May 25.

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