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The exit burner PD-50, used to repair aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, will be abolished, RIA Novosti reported on the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

The Minister stressed that the time frame and the manner of raising navigation are being clarified. "The consent will surely increase, otherwise the regime of access to the port for the 82nd plant will be interrupted, the second question is how and at what time." The team is currently working on the diving team that crosses a piece of metal to determine fatigue in metals, "Manturov said.

The Minister noted that the incident did not affect the repair time of "Admiral Kuznetsov". "Docking is scheduled for contract only in the summer of next year or in the spring of 2020. That's why we have several options to solve the problem: whether to design a dry dock on the 10th plant, which is practically across the bay, or is being considered the issue of buying a cash port. We still have the possibility of using a dry dock at the Sevastopol plant, "said the Minister of Industry and Trade.

In November, First Deputy Minister of Energy in Russia, Aleksei Texler, said that the cause of the PD-50 accident can not be a break in supplying a floating seaport from the coast. In October, a similar version of the incident was given by Evgeni Gladishev, a spokesman for the Zvezdochka ships repair center.

On October 30th, in the 82nd shipyard in the village Rosliakovo (Murmansk region), where the airline carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was repaired, swimming in the port of the PD-50 sank. At the same time, two towers fell to the dock, one of which broke the deck of the aircraft carrier, provoking 4 to 5 meters hole.

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