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Euroleague playoffs: how CSKA – Fenerbahce, Barcelona – Zenit, Anadolu Efes – Real, Milan – Bayern play

In the Euroleague, two games of the playoff series took place. In three pairs, the score is 2-0 and the lineup is very clear. Interestingly, the biggest intrigue is seen in the confrontation between the first and eighth numbers of Barcelona and Zenit.

Summarizing the results of the first playoff games of the Euroleague, after which it has already been very clear.

CSKA took advantage of the gift and confidently beat Fenerbahce, a victim of the coronavirus

CSKA lead 2-0 in the series against Fenerbahce. Scheduled turn of events. Not to mention it was easy for the army team. In both meetings (92:76, 78:67), the intrigue persisted until the fourth quarter, but at the decisive moment the team Dimitris Itudis always presses the opponent.

Fenerbahce played in Moscow without injuries Yana Veselyas well as in quarantine Bobby Dixon, Jarrell Eddie i Ahmet Duverioglu… Suddenly, a striker appeared in the second game Dyshon Pierre, which also seems to be in its own isolation. Although this did not affect the result in any way.

Fenerbahce has a strange surprise for CSKA. And it still remained in flight

The Turks unexpectedly added leader Pierre to the request, who allegedly went to bed with the covid and did not fly to Moscow. The clever intrigue did not work.

CSKA in class dealt with the opponent. And without Mike James CSKA has a more than high appearance. At least against an opponent like the current Fenerbahce. Daniel Hackett, Will Cliburn, Johannes Vogtman, Gabriel Lundberg, Tornike Shengelia – very strong performers. To win, Army men do not need all five to show the highest level of productivity. Even two can be left to fail. I want to see more of Derrana Hilliard, who did not add any points in the second game. Itoudis believes the American will still have a strong word in the playoffs.

The series moves to Istanbul, where Vesely will already be in Fenerbahce. A problem, but not a global one. CSKA has already made a good start and led 2-0. The psychological advantage is on the side of the army. It is more than realistic to make a match in Turkey. You can remove all questions from the third match. Vesely will return after an ankle injury. There are questions about what form the “big” Czech will take. Besides, Nando De Colo, Marco Guduric, Lorenzo Brown remarkably exhausted in the first two Moscow matches. Freshness problems can arise. He is too confident of himself to say unequivocally that CSKA will win the series 3-0, but it is still very likely that this scenario.

Fenerbahce decided to make a fuss before the battle with CSKA. In the game, all the agility is gone

The Turkish side did not want to follow the basic rules after arriving in Russia. As a result, it failed on all fronts.

“Zenith” brilliantly fulfilled the mission. Barcelona is deprived of the advantage of the house

Zenit caused the main sensation of the week, beating Barcelona (76:74) at the Palau Blaugrana. For the first time in Euroleague history, the Serie 8 boss won first in a playoff opening match. Kevin Pangos punished in cold blood the former club with a clutch.

Equipment Javier Pascual it immediately deprived Barça of the advantage of a place of origin. Many assumed that the Spaniards had underestimated Zenit, the leaders of Barça Nikola Mirotic, Nick Calates, Corey Higgins as if they were in hibernation. Zenit lost the center in the second game Arturas Gudaitis (out of operation even before Mateusz Ponitka)… A 1-1 streak seemed like a very likely outcome. In the end, it turned out, but Zenit was able to easily go home with a 2-0 lead. At least the blue-white-blue showed everyone that they are definitely capable of beating Barça and reaching the Final Four.

It turned out that Mirotic and company are simply not ready for a tough Zenit defense. The only exception was the center Brandon Daviswhich really dragged Barça in both games of the series. The staffing problems did not stop Zenit from reaching the end and having a real chance of success in the second meeting. He reached the extra time, the final score 81:78 in favor of Barcelona.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning separately the highly controversial arbitration. Luigi Lamonica i Anna Panther… Barcelona scored 44 free throws in the match (37 hits), Zenit only 19 (15 exact attempts). In other words, almost half of Barça’s performance comes from line-ups. The last seven points of the Blaugrana are marked in overtime Higgins, Davis i Adam Hangoy of free throws.

Team attack Sharunas Jasikevicius stopped: from the party points with great attempts were obtained. Mirotić scored just eight points on 2/8 field goals, while Calathes has three (1/7 on the field). Yes, Zenit played very hard, but not to such an extent that the penalty difference was extremely high 25. The fouls stuck Black Tarki (finally removed from the site). Alex Poitress, KC Rivers and even Kevin Pangos.

CSKA was very lucky, Zenit received disturbing news. Euroleague playoffs

Real Madrid is on the verge of failure and Bayern are aiming for historic success. The most interesting part of the season begins.

Even in such unfavorable circumstances, Zenit could take the second game and eliminate virtually all questions about the winner of the series. In any case, Barça must win at least once in Saint Petersburg. It will not be easy with the quality of basketball that has been shown in the first two games. In five days, Jasikevicius will have to radically transform his team, otherwise the season will fail miserably. In the second game, the coach was even afraid to use the 40-year-old veteran Pau Gasoltrusting the stars. And they seemed lost. It was especially unusual to observe the blatant inefficiency of Nikola Mirotić, who became the absolute leader of the regular season in terms of the utility index.

In any case, Zenit have an excellent chance to win two victories at home, even if Barça improve their basketball. Arbitration needs to be more faithful. The presence of fans is an added advantage. And family rings should help.

Anadolu Efes has shown total superiority over Real Madrid

Anadolu Efes is the third seed, Real Madrid is sixth. However, it was in this pair that almost the most unilateral dominance of one of the teams was expected. Ephesus is, in fact, the absolute best team in the Euroleague in 2021. The third place in the halls of Ergit Ataman is due only to the fact that, at the beginning of the regular season, the Turks lived inactive time.

The couple’s worst fears of intrigue were confirmed. Ephesus destroyed Real Madrid (90:63, 91:68), not particularly tense. It’s hard to claim something with a team with Rudi Fernández, Sergio Lulem i Jayce Carrollwhen opposed to the back line by the dominant Shane Larkin i Vasilie Micic… Efes will probably close the streak in the third game in Madrid. For “Real” it will already be a more or less decent result not to allow a difference of more than 20 years. In late March in Madrid, Ephesus broke the creamy (108: 83) in the regular season. Then a big gap was reached in favor of “Anadol” in the Istanbul playoffs.

Real Madrid head coach Pablo Lasso should prepare the players for the start of the playoffs of the Spanish Championship and think of a radical restructuring of the squad in low season. For the first time since 2016, Real Madrid surpasses the Final Four of the Euroleague. For too long in Madrid, they continued to rejuvenate the composition, for which they paid.

Greed has ruined the most titled club in Europe. How Florentino Pérez led Real Madrid to decline

The stars flee Madrid in high season and no new ones arrive. CSKA has a great opportunity to become the most titled team on the continent.

Bayern fell victim to inexperience in the series against Milan

Bayern lost the first game against Milan in the most offensive way (78:79). “Great” Italian club Zach Leday he scored the winning disposition simultaneously with the siren. Munich seemed to have forgotten the defense in the decisive attack, which allowed the American to get the ball calmly after a simple side service.

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It is also worth mentioning that Bayern lost their +19 advantage throughout the match, including a double-digit advantage in the fourth quarter. There was some luck on the part of Milan, but overall the experienced advantages of the Italians affected. Head coach of “mods” Ettore Messina he won the Euroleague four times and reached even more playoffs and Final Fours. His FC Bayern teammate Andrea Trinkieri he first brought his club to the playoffs.

The same goes for players. Kyle Hans – four-time Euroleague champion, Sergio Rodríguez – double, Luigi Datome he won the title with Fenerbahce and also has extensive experience in major Euroleague matches, the Italian national team and the NBA. Malcolm Delaney, Vladimir Mitsov although they have no title, they also played a lot at the highest level. The only experienced fighter among Bayern players is the 34-year-old center James Gist. His best career years are long over, and his overall gifts are quite modest: several playoffs with Panathinaikos. Vladimir Lucic, Wade Baldwin i Jalen Reynolds you try, but still in the decisive stage of the season it is not enough. Bayern suffered its main drawback: inexperience.

As expected, after the first emotional victory, Milan easily won the second match against Bayern (80:69). The Messina team worked hard on the mistakes and Bayern only drifted mentally. It seems like the first game was a turning point. The Milan-Bayern pair seemed the softest of the four. And it really would be like that if the Germans took the first game. Of course, in Munich, Bayern can beat Milan twice and take the issue to the fifth game. If you face the huge psychological blow received in Italy. Often inexperienced teams have problems with this. So far, the 3-0 or 3-1 win over Milan is considered the most likely outcome for this pair.

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