Friday , July 30 2021

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Apple smartphones will stop working properly if they are set for a specific region. This is reported by the edition of Bleeping Computer.

Journalists drew attention to the problem described by users of Apple’s official forum. IPhone owners said that if you set your local Beirut time on your smartphone and select the capital of Lebanon in the device settings, a system error will occur. After the specified settings, any attempt to set an alarm on the iPhone will end with the app blocking.

According to the report, the first bug reports appeared in January, after the release of iOS 14.4. Lebanese users of Apple smartphones were the first to discover a new way to turn off the iPhone. As it turned out, the issue was not resolved in the next version of iOS, numbered 14.4.1, which was released on March 8th.

As a temporary measure, experts recommended reconfiguring your smartphone in another city or region. “When I moved my iPhone to [находящийся с Бейрутом в одном часовом поясе] Cairo, the problem is gone, “said one of the attendees at Apple’s Support Forum.

Apple is aware of the existence of the error, but has not yet announced the timing of its solution. Bleeping Computer publishers sent a request to the company, but received no prompt response.

In April 2020, smartphone users of the American company found a “text bomb” that can be used to turn off any iPhone. It consists of the emoji of the Italian flag and one of the symbols of the Sindhi language. If the owner of an iPhone or iPad opens this message on their device, the device may freeze and restart.

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