Tuesday , May 11 2021

Mobile operator Tele2 provides subscribers with unlimited mobile internet for free for 12 months

Tele2 is one of the four leaders in the communications market in terms of coverage and the number of customers. This telecommunication company has equipment in more than 65 regions of Russia, but the number of customers is not revealed. In order to increase the subscriber base, this mobile operator decided to organize a special temporary action, which runs from December 15 to December 15, that is, it still has an entire month to participate in it. Within your framework you can get unlimited in three-generation networks over a year.

It has been reported that every subscriber has the right option to receive unlimited mobile Internet at the maximum speed and without any restrictions regarding the scope of use for a period of 12 months. This means that at this moment the Tele2 client will be able to watch movies, talk on social networks, visit websites, work with documents and mail, listen to music, as well as many other things for an indefinite time.

To connect unlimited Internet traffic over a period of one year, you need to buy a smartphone iPhone Kss, iPhone Kss Mak or iPhone KSR. In this case, users automatically get unlimited, which can be used for a year. If the Russian is already a Tele2 subscriber at the time of purchase of the Apple appliance, then it will be bound to be bound to the valid number, and in other cases you will need to purchase a SIM card. Connecting a special promotional service comes after the installation of the sim card in the novelty of "apple".

According to some data, an unlimited limit of one year can be linked only to the tariff plans "Mi Tele2" and "Premium". If you change the tariff to another service service during this service, it will automatically turn off and you will not be able to reconnect it again. Therefore, the initiated action can be interesting and profitable, I wanted to buy iPhone Kss, iPhone Kss Mak or iPhone KSR in the official store with one year warranty from Apple in Russia.

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