Saturday , October 1 2022

MVP against Austria for spy charges


The foreign ministry protested Austria for suspicion in favor of the Russian former colonel of the Austrian army. Announcement of this publication was published at the site's website.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the Austrian Ambassador to Moscow, Johannes Aigner. Austrian actions were called "suspicious-based" without any evidence.

"It's puzzling why our Austrian partners have decided not to discuss their suspicions with us through established channels of dialogue, but have applied a well-known method for many Western countries, a sensational injection of information in the media, and public demand from us for explanations. access, "they write to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The situation has led to complications of relations, which "had until recently had a positive dynamics," the report said.

On Friday, November 9, the Kronen Zeitung publication, citing sources in special services, reported spying on behalf of Russia to the Colonel of the Austrian army, 70, born in Salzburg. The information on the exposure of spies was confirmed by a representative of the Austrian Ministry of Defense.

A man whose name is not called is spying for more than 20 years. He was recruited in Iran in the late eighties. He collected information about the Austrian army, military, officers and the position of migrants. According to Kronen Zeitung, he received about 300 thousand euros for intelligence gathering.

Austrian prosecutors opened a criminal case of espionage. The suspect faces ten years in prison.

Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneisl, who was due to arrive in Moscow on December 2, canceled the trip because of the situation. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz has requested an explanation from Moscow.

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