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New SUV all Russian: price: 1.2 million rubles.


The Stalker is an SUV developed by the company Apol Togliatti. And since Apal is one of the largest producers of Russian plastics, the machine is built according to an interesting pattern: shock-resistant plastic panels are mounted in a spatial frame of thin-walled pipes.

In the spring of 2017, Rosstandart approved for the release of a batch of 150 "Stalkers." Judging by the official documents, the units are taken from the current version of the Lada 4×4, and the mounting site is VIS-Auto. Now, according to Drom, the first of the future hundreds of SUVs that are sold for sale.

The black SUV is offering customers 1 233 000 rubles. As a reference, the usual Lada 4×4 three-door now costs from 519,000 rubles.

"Stalker" is a small SUV, the length of which is 3,550 mm, although the Lada 4×4 was extended from 3 740 mm from bumpers to bumpers. In the movement of the "plastic" Apal-21541 carries a 83-horsepower pet of 1.7 liters. Transmission: 5-speed manual drive – permanent permanence.

About the history of the creation and design features of the "Stalker" explains the material "The new SUV of Lada 4×4: documents received." By the way, according to the estimates, at the end of the 2000s, this SUV could be sold for 280-300 thousand rubles, only between 30 and 50 thousand more expensive than the usual three doors of Niva.

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