Wednesday , October 5 2022

OVERVIEW – The exchange rate in the ruble on Friday night declines strongly against the euro as against the dollar Markets


MOSCOW, November 16th / PRIME /. Elena Likova. Exchange rate in the ruble on Friday night versus the euro against the dollar against the backdrop of the weakness of the US currency on the international currency market Forek, stems from the dynamics of trading.

The USD exchange rate "tomorrow" at 22.55 Moscow time on Friday rose by 12 kopecks – to 66.02 rubles, and the euro – by 63 kopecks – to 75.31 rubles, from the Moscow Stock Exchange data.

January's futures for raw materials Brent rose by 0.63% – to 67.04 dollars per barrel.

To date, the euro has grown against the dollar by 0.68%, which exceeds the rating of 1.14.


"The Russian ruble today acted independently on the correlation with oil. Having ignored the constant rise in energy prices, it is absolutely free of the dollar around the dollar, but not weak, but volatility has weakened slightly against the euro," commented Aleksei Korenev from Finama.

Anastasia Sosnova of Freedom Finance points out that Brent oil reached $ 68 a barrel and contributed to the return of laundry at 65-66 per dollar. Risks that will rally the ruble out of the medium-term range of 65-68 per dollar will fall again, however, a new wave of falling oil prices could cause another round of weakening of the Russian currency, the analyst said. "However, ahead of the December OPEC + meeting, oil will rather be unstable in the range of 65-70 dollars per barrel, instead of continuing to descend," she added.


Rubella looks calm and stable by the end of the week, notes Anna Bodrova of Alpari. A new Sunday for a few dollars / rubles can start in the corridor of 65.6-66.15 rubles, she predicts.

"In general, as soon as the market remembers that the sanctions have not gone but are only deposited in time, everything will be in place. The euro / ruble will stabilize about 75-75.55 rubles, but if the euro continues to recover on the global market, it will have the chance to return to 76 rubles ", – said the analyst.

A couple of dollars / rubles before fixing above 66.2 rubles can be prone to moving on the surface of 65 rubles, says Jelena Kozhukhova from Veles Capitale. The euro, with its inability to overcome the resistance of 75.35 rubles, may be inclined to move to an area of ​​74 rubles, he believes.

"At the end of the week, the growth of Russian stocks and foreign exchange markets weakened, but short-term prospects are still moderately positive, given the fundamental and technical point. It is advantageous for the Russian market to have the potential of oil price rise and delay in the introduction of sanctions," – said the expert. .

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