Tuesday , October 26 2021

Proklova explained how she will live retired


The actress named the amount of her benefit by age.

Elena Proklova. Photo: Global Look Press

Recently, Elena Proklova made the audience remember herself. The actress admitted that she experienced sexual harassment during her youth. The public, as usual, was divided into two camps. Some supported the artist, others condemned.

It was recently learned that Elena lives in a house in the Moscow region and is building a house in Sochi. It was there that he decided to get to know his old age.

“I will not be able to rent a house, we have a house for everyone on the outskirts. If I take it, will I live? The “airbag” should have been taken care of earlier. We are now planning to finish building a house in Sochi. I will spend the end of my life there, ”Proklova told Day.ru.

It is also reported that the size of Proklova’s pension is about 18 thousand rubles.

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