Tuesday , May 18 2021

Pugacheva will not allow Galkin to spend online political show – source: Shov Business: VladTime

IouTube live rapper Basta humorist said a lot of interesting information.

Maksim Galkin became the guest of the internet show Gazlive and talked about his audience for a long time and how old is his age. As a result, we managed to find out that all Galkin are experiencing something wrong, because in the same Instagram his main subscribers are not at all pensioners, but people from 25 to 37 years old. As a result, Galkin's conversation with Bast reached a point when the reporter asked if Makim had planned to start his career on open networks, especially on YouTube, where people from television started moving more and more often.

If he decides, he must understand that he is very much risking his head in this case. Alla Pugacheva, who has all the necessary acquaintances in the Kremlin's circles to prevent Galkin from pursuing a politically oriented satirical show on YouTube, is well aware of this. It will not be done out of harm or revenge for past sinful humor, but exclusively for good intentions. She will be able to protect her husband from an accident that she is capable of wearing due to inappropriate jokes. Galkin treats everything all and easily and freely. He is convinced that, if political humor is excluded from television, then it can be freely distributed through the network.

In addition, he told Baste that he allowed himself to parody Putin directly in front of his face. It happened in March 2000 and Maxim spoke at that time in the Kremlin. His friends later said that they did not "chop" with the miracles they wore and the corresponding special services. This time only Pugachev, who should tell his spouse in a clear language, can correct his brain, those times are now changing and now they will have to moderate their ambitions.

Nikolai Ofitserov


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