Tuesday , May 17 2022

Putin answered the question about the recognition of the Taliban in Russia: Politics: World: Lenta.ru


Russian President Vladimir Putin answered the question about the exclusion of the Taliban (banned in Russia) from the list of organizations recognized as terrorists in Russia. According to the Russian leader, there is no need to rush to officially recognize the Taliban. Putin announced this to the Council of Heads of CIS countries, TASS reports.

“We understand what needs to be done with them (the Taliban – approx. “Lenta.ru”) to interact, but in no hurry. We will discuss and consult together, “he said at the summit.

Putin also noted that representatives of the radical movement that took power in Afghanistan would find it difficult to abandon a source of income such as drug trafficking, especially in the current crisis situation in the South Asian country. “Despite promises to fight drug production, the Taliban, I don’t know, will actually succeed [ли]whether they want to do it or not, ”the Russian leader added.

Speaking about the situation in Afghanistan, Putin recalled the threat posed by ISIS militants (ISIS, Islamic State, ISIS). a banned organization in Russia, recognized as a terrorist). The president stressed that there are more than two thousand in Afghanistan, which are based mainly in the north of the country, while its leaders are drawing up plans to influence other countries, including Russia.

Earlier, it was reported that at a joint meeting of the leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Vladimir Putin called for cooperation with the new government of Afghanistan, despite which is not representative and inclusive. The optimum is to establish a dialogue with the Taliban “along the lines of the expanded troika mechanism,” that is, with the participation of Russia, China, Pakistan, and China.

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