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For several days, the public was shaken by the news that rape was carried out in Ufa and that it was carried out by three policemen in relation to their department. As for the name of the girl, Guzel Sagitova and her work as an investigator, details about the resonant case can be found in this article.

Investigator Guzela Sagitova - the latest news for today

Now the investigation is ongoing, but some decisions about the procedures have already been taken. The suspects are known to be detained and investigated. One would be surprised by such a quick reaction by the authorities to crimes if it is not known that a daughter of one of the local commanders in Roshardi was raped. This case is being actively considered in the network and has caused a lot of conversations.

What happened to Guzel Sagitova?

The incident occurred on the night of October 30th. The heads decided to celebrate the end of the working day, a bit of a drink. The holiday was held in the office, and in the next, their young colleagues – two girls – finished their work and invited them to join the table. According to some information, at the beginning participants were five people – employees and three bosses. Before a group rape, Guzel Sagitova fought with her colleague, jealous of one of the bosses. They say that they liked him, and the other girl started flirting with him that night.

In the end, the chiefs and Guzel Sagitov stayed in the office: the rival decided to go home. Then, as the victim told the investigators, the bosses were drunk, started harassing her, agreeing and beaten. She is very fragile, so she could not fight. The three raped her.

– The researcher received multiple tissue damage. The study also found biomaterials of the head of the migration department, the media reported, citing a source close to the situation.

The bosses have been dropped, and criminal charges have been instituted against them under serious members. From the latest news, it is known that they were sent on November 2 to be arrested by December 31st. The wife of one of the bosses claims that in the night of October 30 she could not participate in the rape of gangs because she was at home:

– I believe that my husband was at home at night in bed, in bed. He did not fall asleep when he was detained. From November 29 to November 30 he spent the night at home. I went to work on Tuesday. After work, he came home at night, arrived at 23 o'clock, but he has such a favor. He did not come home yesterday – he was arrested. For all this time it was not, – she said.

This incident did not surprise Oksana Pushkin, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee. She said:

– I get letters from women in such a situation. In the system of government, military departments and various types of organizations, the female sex is most often subjected to sexual harassment in various forms: persistent, unequivocal hints, harassment, intimidation and mistreatment. Roughly speaking: whether – career growth, not – out!

The names of the rapist

Guzel Sagitov's sexes were:

  • Eduard Matveev, 51, leads the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to Ufa;
  • Salavat Galiev, 50, Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Carmaskal district;
  • Pavel Iaromchuk, 34, heads the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to Ufa.

Test results

Experts have determined (and this is concluded in conclusion) that the girl was raped and received more tears and tissue damage. In addition, during the study, the experts discovered the biomaterials of Pavel Jarochuk, head of the migration department. Consequently, he also participated in violent acts. Earlier, Iamromchuk's wife made a statement in which she indicated that her husband was sworn because on the night when the crime was committed he was at home in the same bed with her.

The informed sources of the excellent report said that the witness appeared in the case of rape. This is a colleague of the victim – also an investigator. Her friend invited her to a feast – the bosses did not call for problems with work, as she had previously said.

The victim is the daughter of a senior security official (Rosguard, police). Everyone was aware of this, including the suspects. Their colleagues are at a loss and are thinking about the actions of the chiefs of police, at least strange. In addition, there remains a mystery whether the investigator of another girl is raped or not.

Biography Guzela Sagitova

Earlier it was reported that just six months ago Guzel Sagitova graduated from the Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ufa. The girls learned an interesting detail: they called her "Sourigin in the uniform" among themselves. They say that Guzel Sagit's boyfriend was expelled after complained about mobbing on his part. The girl is the daughter of one of the chiefs of Rosgardia, so it's not surprising that she was hired not as an ordinary worker, but as an investigator immediately. One of her rapists was her boss.

Sister Guzel Sagitova said she was hired in August this year by the police service. The girl knew how to find a common language with new acquaintances, so she did not need to join the team quickly. Relationships with colleagues she has good, friendly. Sister says Guzel Sagitova has never become a subject of sexual harassment.

According to her sister, the girl in the institute was well established, she was an activist. Three years ago, she received a honorary degree and was second in her speech at a regional scientific conference. At another event, they expressed her gratitude.

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