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Raheem Sterling earns most in English football


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ManSiti's player, under the terms of the new contract, will receive 300,000 pounds a week

Raheem Sterling. AFP Photo

Raheem Sterling. AFP Photo

Manchester City midfielder Rahim Sterling has signed a new five-year contract with the English club on improved financial conditions. According to Daili Mail, the salary of a 23-year-old footballer grew from 180,000 to 300,000 pounds a week. Now Sterling is the highest-paid English footballer.

In this case, the biggest salary in the English Premier League in the Chilean striker, "Manchester United" Alekis Sanchez – 350 thousand pounds a week.

The new Stirling contract is valid until 2023. Englez has been a "citizen" since 2015. In 154 matches he scored 51 goals and made 55 assists.

Recall that this week, ManSiti defeated Shakhtar in the Champions League – 6: 0. The loudest episodic episode took place in the 23rd minute. Hungarian judge Victor Kashshai ordered a fine, revealing that Nikolai Matvienko shot at Rahim Stirling, although Matvienko was a meter away from Stirling, and he fell, just stumbling across the lawn. "The worst fall of Sterling since the time of Brekit," laughed the fans after the match.

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