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Razin bought Osin at the cemetery in Troyukurovsky and canceled the cremation


Producer "Tender Mai": "For the support of Jeltsin, Zhenia did not receive a penny"

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On November 20, at the Troiecure cemetery, he will greet with Eugene Osin. He did not set aside the money for his funeral. Or he planned to live long, or triumphantly relegated to alcohol.

Razin bought Osin at the cemetery in Troyukurovsky and canceled the cremation

photo: Lilia Sarlovskaya

The entire organization of the funeral of the artist took over, in fact, an absolutely strange person, the producer of "The Beautiful Monkey" by Andrej Razin.

We contacted Level to find out the details of a farewell musician.

– Andrei, why did you decide to organize a funeral?

– And who else?

– Does Aspen have relatives?

– Yes, but do they pull the funeral? Did you see the rates? And they do not have that kind of money.

– Why exactly Troechevsky. Is there a Family Burial Aspen?

– What do you mean? There is no place for them. If it was not for me, I do not even know where it will be buried. Certainly not on Troyekurovsky.

– How much did you pay for the beach?

– I do not want to make the amount, it's very decent money.

– They do not bury them there for free?

– A free place is allowed only if the deceased has a merit for the state or has received a government award, title, regalia.

"Does Aspen have nothing?"

– No rewards. He won no title. Although he settled on this land, he worked as a wolf in his time. And he was cheated. Without title, nothing was given. Although Yeltsin was almost the face of this campaign during the pre-election campaign. I told him that in 1996, he said: "Zhenia, you are looking for a title, will not bring money, but at least you will secure yourself a place in the cemetery." And what happened? No title. No place. And for the support of Jeltsin, he did not get even a penny. Although many believe that Osin secured Yeltsin's victory in the elections. Remember, when Zhenia pulled him to the stage and drove him to play, that was a great move. Jura Šatunov and I were upset at that time by Ziuganov. On the background of Aspen, we lost. Zhenia was a true people's people, people believed him. We could not compete. And what's the result? Those who were in the Yeltsin team are now slaughtering and no one remembers Aspen.

"Besides you, there is nobody to commit to helping the family at the funeral?"

"Aspen's relatives initially thought they were going to the government, but I immediately said," Do not go, no one will give you a piece of land. "

– Did not you yourself try to request a free location or discount?

– And I did not ask. Buy lots through the auction. Zhenia will be buried in the same location with my son, so I can watch his grave.

"I'm surprised that Aspen has relatives who are, after all, worried about his funeral.

– Parents are not fat. There is a sister, but she has no extra money for a funeral. She's still a woman and a daughter.

"My wife and daughter have not spoken to Osina lately." Will they come to the funeral?

– Yes, they will come. And they immediately contacted me after death. Thank you for your support. After all, I immediately bought Aspen two places for a funeral.

– What stars will come to forgive Aspen?

– I have no idea. None of the known people informed me of his plans.

– Are the artists cremated?

– If I do not help, that would be cremation. And so we will bury him according to Orthodox tradition.

– And you're gonna put a monument?

– Of course. We plan to organize concerts for memory, all fees will be spent on building a monument. I promise, I will put a very decent monument to my wife.

– You have not talked to him lately, why did you come to help?

– Because I love all my colleagues, I help everyone who needs it. Wrongly throwing themselves into trouble. I think that we should go in the right way to the path of Yevgeny Osin.

We studied the costs of land at the Troika Cemetery. Prices depend on the size of the location and location of the place. Minimum parcel price 387 870 rubles. (2 m² M.), Maximum – 1 163 610 rub. (2 m² M.)

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