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Research and essay: power structures:


The Russian Investigation Committee opened a criminal case according to the article on the organization of the murder of a minor, in fact, the death of a baby in the maternity hospital of the Kaliningrad region at November 2018. This is published in the office of the site.

According to the research, after the birth of a premature baby with a weight of 700 grams, i. The main maternal doctor, Elena Belaya, decided to kill the newborn. It is suspected that he took such a step because the child's survival possibilities were insignificant and his death would worsen the indicators of medical statistics, which could affect his appointment after the post of principal physician.

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Earlier, in November 2018, Belaya was accused of abuse of office. During the investigation, evidence of a particularly serious crime was collected. The Committee of Investigation concluded that Belaya had discussed the method of killing a child with the anesthetist and rescuer Elina Sushkevich, and this, according to the instructions of the action. The primary physician introduced the lethal dose of the medication to the baby. Subsequently, information on the part about the death of the fetus was introduced.

As proof, there are conclusions from a forensic examination of the cause of death, spectrographic exams and others, as well as the testimony of a witness that was present during the murder.

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