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Shepelev shared a rare photo of Plato’s son with his daughter Tulupova

The TV presenter admitted that he was lucky with his beloved that his heirs became friends.

Dmitry Shepelev with his son. Photo:

Dmitry Shepelev was the de facto husband of Zhanna Friske. In 2013 his eldest son Plato was born. However, the singer soon learned that she was seriously ill. He fought cancer for a long time, but was unable to overcome the disease. The artist died at the age of 40 in 2015. Shepelev began raising her son.

Over time, Dmitry began a new life: several years ago he began meeting with interior designer Ekaterina Tulupova. However, they started talking about their romance not long ago. The girl has a daughter, Lydia, from a past relationship. He is the same age as Plato, so the children quickly became friends. In the winter, the couple moved into a more spacious apartment, and in early February, the TV presenter announced that his beloved was pregnant.

According to him, at first the children were not happy that another baby would show up at home, but then their opinion changed. Now they are waiting for the birth of a brother or sister. On February 25, Shepelev posted a rare photo of her son. In the frame, the boy put on shorts and a T-shirt, hugging his daughter Tulupova.

“They ask me a lot about how our children are, what and how? I can only say one thing: they are friends. Katya and I have no merit here, just luck. They’re just funny, bright kids, ”the TV presenter said.

Son of Shepelev and daughter of Tulupova. Photo:

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