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Russian supermodel Natalya Vodyanova, philanthropist, mother of many children, and the personification of the "Russian dream" (a provincial girl from a dysfunctional family to a former wife of a British aristocrat and civil partner a wealthy heir of a large company) posted a provocative picture in a position too relaxed on social networks. "" discovers why he did it, who could be beneficial and why.

Natalya Vodyanova put on a white shirt, a translucent silicone tunic from Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin's white boots with high heels, with an unmapped print (for example, the colors of the Russian tricolor were also seen in print, but this is so by the way). The model was accompanied by ordinary publication with a playful phrase: "I've just boasted my boots, but what do you think?" And put the hashtag # yazhemat. That is, he clearly understood that his followers would "think" something and, of course, they thought. We think and write a bunch of anger (or, as they say now, "shamers" and "haiter"), after which Natalya attributed to the publication "Oh, I blurry" and added laughing smiles.

Incidentally, Vodianova "boasted" not only on his Instagram with his boots (like a trench). She chose this dress not only to show to her many subscribers what Russian mothers with many children with an active lifestyle are capable of, but also for the almost official visit to the program of the new autumn-winter collection Louis Vuitton 2019-2020, which was held the same day during the Fashion Week of Men in Paris.

As always, Vodianova focused on fashion photographers as well as on public and occasional audiences. It is not surprising: the model itself, using, despite the warm January climate in Paris, under a waterproof only a long white shirt of the men of the new collection, it is simply beautiful. And her companion, in the show and in life, has the most direct relationship with the house of Louis Vuitton: Antoine Arnaud, son of the president of the group of companies Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) Bernard Arnaud , the richest man in Europe in the spring of 2018.

Natalya Vodianova with her partner Antoine Arno in the Louis Vuitton program of Paris, January 2019

Natalya Vodianova with her partner Antoine Arno in the Louis Vuitton program of Paris, January 2019

Photo: P LE FLOCH / SIPA / Sipa Press Russia / East News

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Natalya, the fourth and fifth son of her children (children of Maxim and Roman), gave birth (after divorce with the British aristocrat Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman) of the young Arnaud (who, incidentally, not only cream The life and the fortune of the father, but works in LVMH: it manages one of the companies of the participation – Berluti). Judging by the noticeable photo of Instagram, this demographic feat did not affect its beauty and harmony: the knees and hips part of the supermodel in front of the photographer (as well as all its figure in general) are still almost impeccable

However, the fact of photographing Vodianova in such a frank attitude provoked a true anger of indignation of his compatriots and compatriots from Russia, whose high morale was worsened especially in the eyes of the rich and successful (and also have children), allowing something like that. Everyone is a well-known syndrome syndrome in the bank at the entrance. Have you given birth, shame, be aware, cover, what example do you give to children?

But before that, it must be admitted, Vodianova was not noticed in any deliberately black self-congratulation. On the contrary: the Nizhny Novgorod girl who survived the 1990s had a difficult childhood and adolescence in a rather prosperous family (in addition to the largest Natalia, she also had a daughter with disabilities), Natasha helped her mother in her youth from the street tray (about this dramatic story at the beginning of a fashion career) Vodyanova did not write simply laziness).

Therefore, after having enriched, he began to help the needs: he created the Naked Heart for Children Foundation, a charity "Running hearts" participated, participated in various "green" initiatives such as the propaganda of clothing recycling, attempted to launch educational feminist flash cards and even pleaded for the Russian singer with disabilities, Yulia Samoilova, to attend Festival of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. Regarding his merits, the supermodel received official approvals of various types, for example, the title of "Women of the Year" according to the version of Glamor magazine.

Former World Champion as a member of the German team Philip Lam and Natalia Vodianova with the World Cup

Former World Champion as a member of the German team Philip Lam and Natalia Vodianova with the World Cup

Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

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Understandably, the support of Vodianova in the brands of the LVMH group of companies, which is quite understandable in its current state of okolosmeyny, is not for the first time: for example, being the official shipment of The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia appeared in the awards of the Louis Vuitton mini dress and there were no objections. Nobody – neither in the press nor in social networks – his dress did not cause. On the contrary, in American Vogue they wrote in writing that it is excellent He picked up a suit in the tone of the World Cup.

Being a famous, popular and popular woman, Natalya Vodyanova knows how to be friends: without friendship, as you know, in our country (yes, maybe in many other countries) nothing is done. So, in the story with a picture in a strange position, there were people who supported the supermodel, for example, the producer Yana Rudkovskaya, who knows a lot about PR: wrote in comments to the sensational entry of # 39; Instagram that the provocative photo is "incredible".

"I am thirteen that I knew Natalya Vodyanova," said Yana Rudkovskaya at "I have known since I had a child." Do you say that the mother of five children can not afford to play in the way they are in the Instagram photo? But it can only be an excellent example of how a mother of many children should look thirty-six years. It has a beautiful body. Those who accuse you of vulgarity, are worth thinking – and can you have a figure at this age? Can you see the same beautiful?

According to the producer, her friend Natalya Vodyanova destroys "Soviet stereotypes": "She is a fad. And her picture is also a pure fad. Yes, this image may seem fickle. This is a fashion provocation. She has legs Very well placed. She is very well dressed. And in her posture there is no pornography and vulgarity. Without a call.

Rudkovskaya, the mother of three children herself, also defends Vodyanova's right to express herself, despite the presence of her children: "In the end, there is no child in the photo! What has to do with the fact that she is Mom? Remember that he has been helping children with special needs throughout his life. She did a lot for them. Only a stupid and stupid person can see something obscene in this picture. "

According to a successful Russian producer, Natalya Vodyanova is an icon of Russian fashion. "Russians are worried about the world precisely because we can not get rid of the stereotypes of the first, that keep us in an incomprehensible framework. For me, Natasha: well done. The support," concluded Yana Rudkovskaya. But when asked if he was willing to act in a similar way to his Instagram, the producer noted: "I am not Natalya Vodyanova."

Almost immediately after the scandalous story, the social analysis of the provocative photo of Vodianova was shifted to social networks. Fashion experts expressed their premises about the reasons for the sudden weakening of the supermodel-philanthropist. And the most popular point of view in this account among network market researchers is as simple as true: Vodyanova allowed a demarche as unusual for her at the request of her partner (or even in a strategic program which the LVMH group promoted in social networks).

Supposedly, the initiative of this provocative approach comes from Virgil Ablo, an African-American designer, friend of rapper Kanye West, founder of the Off-White brand, and since March last year, # 39; man to Louis Vuitton. He is a true fashionable provocateur, in his spectacles there are almost disturbances, constantly it flaxes in all the social networks. Supposedly, it was he who, even before the official arrival to Louis Vuitton, advised the promotion of LVMH on social networks with a very ambiguous filler in the accounts of superb popular users – so-called celebrities.

This theory (a conspiracy of something) has its own foundations. So, in February 2018, a photo appears on Instagram, where the protagonist of the social reality of television and the famous social network of "80 levels", Kim Kardashian (as is known, is the friend of the # 39; wife of Ablo-Kanye West) squatting against the bottom of trash cans with Louis Vuitton's logos. At the same time, it has a cover, a leather coat and stockings (by the way, without skirts and shoes) with the logos of the Italian house Fendi. Predicting questions – yes, they also belong to the LVMH concern.

Kim Kardashian to Fendi Clothing

Kim Kardashian to Fendi Clothing

Photo: @kimkardashian

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The most striking thing about this story is not Kardashian squatting and wearing only pantyhose (for advertising your brand more than once and naked dispossessed: supposedly her husband was angry, but suffered), and the fact that Louis Vuitton, whose logos had adhered to the junk, did not react to this. But, it may seem, very negatively.

The Kardashian family (people and reality shows) did not stop during this exercise: on 2018 Christmas Day, Kim Kardashian and his sisters (including a single fact-Kendall and Kylie Jenner) presented Chris Jenner with the her common mother with a personalized casket of the French luxury brand Goyard (a brand, by the way, with a history and reputation no less long than Louis Vuitton, except maybe a little less promoted outside of France) with the obscene inscription Rich like fuck ("Indecently Rich").

Registration was recorded in a historical source, that the luggage was customized in the nineteenth century, a sort of "rzhach" youth for respectable traditions. Goyard did not matter: apparently, too, I do not mind playing this public relations game with wealthy young people in the lead roles.

In fact, the old luxury homes take these steps, more or less shy, it's not the first year. Even the immense bastion of the classic style of the Hermès house in 2017 published Twilly's taste for Hermes for representatives of the "Z generation" and shot a very revolutionary video (for to this house, of course) in support of this one, aimed at both new and new customers (in the end, with a message in the spirit of the old song of Grebenshchikov: "These are the young punks that will erase us from the face of the earth").

The audacious ads of Hermès, and even more solid breaks, affiliated with old and rich luxury brands of celebrities in the social network, and numerous interviews with luxury CEO brands that are targeting young people, are open to modern media And they do not distinguish between "old" and "new" money are not random.

All this shows that the predilection of modern manners for social networks, the transformation of "moral principles" and the massive rejection of the old complexes (as well as the sanctioning complexes) are ready to use successful brands to achieve even greater success. And the legs, very separated, are, after all, only the separated legs. Life is everyday.

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