Thursday , July 7 2022

The actor in the movie "Men in Black" died: Cinema: Culture:


American actor Elmore Royal (Rip) Thorn died on July 9 at the age of 88. Reports on the vulture.

It is noted that the actor died at his home surrounded by a family in Lakeville, Connecticut. The cause of death is not specified.

Rip Thorne debuted at the movie in 1956 in the movie by Elia Kazan, The Dolly. The nickname of Reap, which the actor took as a creative pseudonym, is the name of the Thorn family through the male line of his family.

The actor starred in more than 180 films. The biggest popularity took roles in the television program "Larry Sanders Show", films "Men in Black", "Marie Antoinette" and "Robocop 3". Thorn won an Emmy prize in 1996 for the best supporting actor, throughout his career he was nominated six times. In recent years, Thorn has produced several films.

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