Monday , September 27 2021

The doctor named contraindications for coronavirus vaccination in hepatitis: Society: Russia:

Surgeon, hepatologist, associate professor of the Department of Surgery of the National Medical Research University of Russia NI Pirogova, candidate of Medical Sciences Dmitry Monakhov, said when patients with hepatitis should not be vaccinated against COVID-19. His words are quoted by URA.RU.

The expert called the acute period of viral hepatitis as a contraindication to vaccination. In addition, it cannot be vaccinated if the normal functioning of the organs is altered. Monakhov added that it is possible to get vaccinated if the patient has chronic hepatitis and liver function is compensated.

The doctor also noted that among those infected with COVID-19, the highest risk of complications is seen in patients with hepatitis B or C. viral, as coronavirus exacerbates many chronic diseases, these patients will have a higher liver load. and respiratory symptoms. .

Earlier, virologist Yevgeny Timakov said high blood pressure or blood sugar levels could be the reason for the temporary medical withdrawal of the coronavirus vaccine. He noted that a vaccination station therapist may refuse to vaccinate if a person arrives at the vaccination station in an “unstable state of health.”

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