Wednesday , May 18 2022

The Firefok Browser will let you know about hacked sites


notifies the user when his mailbox or password is threatened. The task of verifying data for reliability was assigned by the name I Been Pvned (HIBP), Troy Hunt's security researcher who collected leak information.

The database stores data on all passwords and accounts on large services compromised as a result of cyber attacks. However, the Firefok Monitor tool was not very useful: it did not offer anything new, which can not be done on the HIBP website or by using third-party extensions.

In the coming weeks, Firefok Monitor features will be expanded, according to Mozilla's blog. If a user visits a site endangered in the last 12 months, he will be asked to check if his data has not affected the leak. However, once the user receives a notification from Firefok Monitor at least once, the browser will notify him of the hacked sites listed in the HIBP database in the last 2 months.

"We do not want to disturb users or create noise by showing warnings for sites that have been taking measures for protecting their users for a long time," Mozilla explained. "This noise can reduce the value and usefulness of an important security feature."

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