Sunday , May 22 2022

The first signs of the "Last Address" project appeared in Makahakala


Two memorial plates "Last Address" were installed in Makhachkala, report Kavkaz.Realii. The capital of Dagestan was the first city of the Caucasus to join the project.

One of the tablets appeared in the house on Rasul Gamzatov's avenue, where he lived the head of the Department of Energy at the Research Institute of Industry in Dagestan, a playwright and translator Bagadur Malachihanov, who shot in 1941. The other was placed on the wall of the house in Oskara Street, where he lived a scientist and politician Jusuf Shovkrinski and his daughter. Shovkrinsky died in Vorkutlag in 1943, his daughter was sentenced to ten years on charges of spoiling the portrait of Stalin.

The trees were set in front of both houses.

The project "The Last Address" was invented by journalist Sergei Parkhomenko and Head of the Memorial Society Arseni Roginski. The sign "Last address" – a metal plate with an empty field in place of a photograph, the name and date of death suppressed – was created by the architect Aleksandar Brodski.

During the five years of the project, over 40 cities and villages of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia have built signs of houses in which they lived to suppress.

On November 20, the Moscow State Museum of Architecture named after Suseev opens the exhibition "Last Address / 5 Years". The exhibition will last until December 16th.

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