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The investigation of the murder case of Igor Talkov has continued

The Main Investigation Department of the St Petersburg Investigative Committee continued an investigation into the criminal proceedings related to the murder of singer Igor Talkov, reported on his website. The decision was made on Tuesday, November 13th.

The continuation of the investigation into the murder of Igor Talkov - the latest news

The criminal proceedings were suspended in March 1993 due to the fact that the Accused Valeri Shliafman fled the investigation (Article 1, Part 1, Article 195 of the RSFSR Criminal Procedure Code).

Reasons to continue investigating the murder of a singer

The reason for the continuation of the Russian Research Committee on the investigation into the murder of legendary Russian pop singer Igor Talkov may be new "traces", said member of the Committee on Defense and Security of the Council of the Federation, Frants Klintsevich.

The Senator emphasized that RF IC made the right decision. He recalled that the murder of Talcov shocked many and expressed the opinion that far from everything was done to find the culprit in this crime. The parliamentarian admitted that this happened "not only for technical reasons".

At the same time, he recalled that more than 27 years have passed since the murder, so no one can guarantee success in the investigation, reports the FAN. "But fans of singing talent – and Igor Talkov still remember – must see that everything was done to establish the truth," a member of the upper house of parliament concluded. On Tuesday, November 13th, the Civil Law of the Russian Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg continued the investigation of criminal proceedings initiated from paragraph "B, d" of Art. 102 of the RSFSR Criminal Code, on the fact of the murder on October 6, 1991 at the Iubileini Sports Palace in St. Petersburg, Igor Talkov.

Immediately before that, the singer changed the commercial director – Shliafman became him. The musician was supposed to perform at the national concert after Aziza's singer, however, before the start of the event, a series of performances changed. This caused friction between the Talka team and the Aziza team, especially with the guard of the singer Igor Malakhov.

Malakhov came in Talcko's dressing room to talk about the situation, the singer's guard pulled him out into the hallway, where Malakhov took out his weapon. There was a chaotic conflict in which the artist was shot. Who exactly did not fully establish it. According to one version, Schlaffman eventually fired at Talkov. The first indictments in this case were filed against Malakhov, voluntarily came to the prosecution to testify, after which the investigation decided that he could not shoot at the musicians. Suspicions fell on the director of the singer, and Slayfman had already passed through Ukraine to Israel.

According to the investigators, his director of the concert, Valeriy Shlyfman, unhappily fell into Talkov's wardrobe – during the battle between his bodyguards and Azizine Guard Igor Malakhov (after 1991 he was named Rus, died in 2016).

"During the investigation, sufficient evidence was collected, on the basis of which on 6 May 1992 and on March 18, 1993, a decision was made that Valeri Sliaman was prosecuting the murder of Igor Talkov from the negligence," the police said.

At the same time, in January 1992, Shliafman went to a permanent residence in Israel. In March 1993, the criminal proceedings were due to the fact that the Accused fled the investigation. In the criminal case, Igor Talkov's mother was a victim.

During 2007, Thalk's mother died, and as a result, the SC suspended the investigation.

"Russia does not have a relevant agreement with Israel, where Sliafman is currently living, the investigation has been suspended due to the inability to conduct investigations with the accused," the ICR said.

Now the singer's widow is recognized as a victim.

"Currently the investigation is pleased with the petition of widow Tatiana Talkova, Igor Talkova, to be recognized as a victim, since the singer's mother died. After hearing as a victim and defense counsel, the materials of the criminal case will be presented for the purpose of getting to know", reports the research report.

At the same time, Igor Talkov ml. He called it strange and surprising to re-investigate the crime, pointing out that there was no point in doing so.

"For me, these news has become such a surprise. It seems to me that they want to make negative feelings from people losing an old wound again. This is definitely not related to the practical side of the investigation," said the son of the singer.

He also expressed the opinion that the investigative board would not achieve the result, stressing that this situation is more like "mocking" of cousins ​​and fans of artists. "

"I am more than confident that the investigative board will not come to anything," said Talkov Jr.

In November last year, Igor Talkov's son was detained in front of the State Duma building in Moscow for performing his father's poems. Talkov Jr. and his friend held a concert in support of old animal veterans. Musicians, even in a short time, were taken to the police service because, according to the police, "they hindered the passage of citizens, reports the NSN.

Igor Talkov was born in Tula, where he built a monument. At the beginning of his creative career, he co-operated with groups "April", "Kaleidoscope" and "Elektroklub". Then Igor wrote many songs, but he could not perform them.

For the first time he became known to the public after speaking in 1987 at the song "Song of the Year" with the song "Pure Fishes". After that, in order to share his songs with the audience, many of which differed in the musical style and text from the previous works, Talkov created the group "Lifebuoi", and soon went on a tour with a program, consisting of two parts of the content and text. By 1989, Talkov wrote more than two hundred songs.

According to Tatiana Talkova, October 3 or 4, Igor was telephoned and the conversation ended with Igor's answer: "Do you threaten me?" "Well, declare the war?" I take it. Let's see who will be the winner. "

On the eve of his death on October 5, Igor performed with an acoustic concert at a technical school in Gzhel, where a wire was broken on the guitar. This was the last exit of Igor Talkov on the scene.

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