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The Knights of the Ancient Republic played 3 players who chased the old Sith – Games


In an interview VG247 main scriptwriter Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Chris Avellone said it Obsidian He planned to take the third part, dedicating it to the hunting of the ancient Sith.

After the release of the second part, the team almost immediately began to work on the concept of continuation, since from the beginning he introduced the story of Darth Revan as a trilogy.

While working at KotOR 2, we insinuated what Darth Revan was doing during the game's events. It is not always chaotic and imprudent release of everything. He had a large-scale plan, because a dangerous threat hung the galaxy.

Chris Avellone

The players would follow the steps of Revan, fighting against the old Sith, who were much more powerful and terrible than the "ordinary" black Sith dominators that would also appear on the plot.

Developers wanted to "meet" the players with the old Siths to deepen into the personal philosophy, history, character and power sources of each one. Some were so powerful that they governed whole sections of the galaxy.

In every world where there was a player, there were always horrible consequences and different from the presence of all the old Sith: the environment would speak for itself.

It would be a great and epic end of the trilogy. The "old republic" exists, but we simply did not have the chance to make a conclusion.

Chris Avellone

However, he returned to Darth Revan Star Wars: The Old RepublicThe creation of which was carried out in BioWare and the scriptwriter of the original Knights of the Old Republic Drew Karpishin.

Avellone does not know why LucasArts finally abandoned the development of the project. Maybe there was a team within the company that wanted to deal with the "Knights of the Ancient Republic." Perhaps the sales of the second part were not high enough.

Although Chris Avellone has not worked Knights of the Ancient Republic 3I had a hand on the plot and on the script Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The world premiere of the plot action film Respawn will take place in a few hours, at 09:30 p.m. in Moscow.

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