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The legendary school of artistic art museum in Moscow marks 75 years of existence on the scene of the Moscow Art Theater in Moscow – culture


MOSCOW, November 12. / Corr. TASS Olga Svistunova. One of the most influential theater schools in Russia, the legendary school of artistic art museum in Moscow, will celebrate the 75th anniversary with grandiose skit on the main scene of the Moscow Art Theater under the name A. P. Chekhov. The graduates of the Moscow School Studios and theaters will congratulate the celebration of the anniversary, the TASS press conference of the Moscow Art Theater Maria Malkina told.

"The tickets for the evening were not sold because there will be only special guests," the agency's interlocutor said, adding that this holiday event was crazy. "This is not surprising: after all, the School of Art Theater in Moscow has presented and continues to offer many talented graduates to all metropolitan theater companies, and there are many" Mkhatovi "from different years, and the older generation and today's students who will sit in the hall and perform on the scene, "explained Malkin.

According to her, the total number of graduates of the Moscow Art Theater is more than three thousand people. "This is a solid figure, however, Anatoly Mironovich Smelianski can best tell the history of the university and his present." The historian of the theater and the theater historian was the fifth rector of the School of Studies, who headed from 2000 to 2013 and was then elected He also manages the joint postgraduate program created by the Moscow Art Theater and the American Theater Theater at Harvard University, "said the press officer of the Moscow Art Theater, noting that" for the funny history of the School of Music Artistic Eatra own biography ".

History in Faces

"It all began with the fact that during the war, and specifically on March 21, 1943 Nemirovich-Danchenko gathered close people and asked them what kind of school they needed. And he noticed that this school should not teach what the best artists of the Artistic theaters, this school will train the actors of the future, "Smelianski said in an interview with TASS. – On April 25, Nemirovich-Danchenko died, and on April 26, the Council of People's Commissars decided that his memory be maintained, and in the Regulation there was a clause establishing the School Table of his name in the Art Theater. "

The first competition set was held in the summer of 1943, students of the summer studies of the glorified theater troupe – Ivan Moskvin, Olga Knipper-Chekhov, Vasily Kachalov, students studied on the Smilaansky list. The basis of the teaching of acting became the system of Stanislavsky, whose goal was to create the actors of life on the scene. "Parallel to the course of acting in 1943, the Faculty of Performing Arts (now faculty for scenography and theater technology) was organized, Smelianski said.

He explained that the first two or three decades included direct students Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko as teachers in the school study. These are Vasily Toporkov, Viktor Stancin, Vasily Kachalov, Olga Knipper-Chekhov, Nikolai Khmelev, Pavel Masalski, Aleksey Gribov, Angelina Stepanova, Sofija Piliavskaia. Andrei Siniavski, Roman Kozak, Vidas Siliunas, Lev Durov, Konstantin Raikin, Alla Pokrovskaya, Marina and Dmitry Brusnikini, Viktor Rižakov were among the teachers of different years at the school. The plastic actor is led by Alla Sigalova, and plastic plays are produced every year.

Smelianski recalled that the first rector was director and theater critic Vasily Sahnovsky. "The second rector was legendary Veniamin Radomishlensky, he had a military background, and since then every September 1 student students have repeated their ritual of the beginning of the school year – scream" Go to the horse! "Said Smiljanski." Oleg Tabakov arrived at the studio, and when Oleg Pavlovich led the Art Theater, I was sitting in his fifth Rector, now the sixth rector at the school is honorary Russian artist Igor Zolotovitsky.

Smeliansky paid special attention to the development of the tradition, left by the great Stanislavski, who believed that the chain must be seen at any moment: school – studio – the theater. Thus, a graduate from 1949, Oleg Efremov created the Theater of Constructors, based on the graduation course of the School of Art Theater in 1956. Oleg Tabakov, a graduate from 1957, founded his theater in which his students worked, and also graduated from the Moscow School of Art Vladimir Mashkov, Eugene Mironov, Sergei Bezrukov. At the beginning of 2010, the course of the course of Kirill Serebrennikov became the basis of the Gogol Center, followed by the workshops of Dmitry Brusnikin and Victor Rižak's Workshops, now called the julaansambl, Smeliansky said.

He also reminded that for more than 25 years in the Moscow Theater the school is studying the Russian-American student exchange program. Every year several demolitions of US universities come to Moscow to study the Stanislavsky system. The school is particularly proud of its contacts with Harvard – years ago Russian teachers leave work in the United States, and each spring performs in English at a training session in Moscow – a joint Russian-American project. School of Music Art Theater constantly exchanges students with schools in Hungary, Czech Republic, Lebanon and other countries.

In short, today at the Moscow Art Theater is not expected only the entire Moscow Theater, but also the followers of the Stanislav System from other countries, in general, all of us "Mkhatovtsi" visit us, said Smeliansky.

"All" Mkhatovtsi "visits us"

"We are really waiting for a large number of guests," confirmed TASS rector of the Moscow Art Theater Igor Zolotovitski. – Many will certainly offend me that they do not fall in the number of people called. But the hall of the main stage of the Moscow Art Theater in Chekhov is designed for only 890 places, while many Moscow theaters have a large number of graduates from our school who have the right to attend the celebration, but then it would be necessary to reach the stadium. "

According to Zolotovich, the evening will be attended by representatives of Pushkin's Theater, Satiricon, Sovremennik, Gogol Center, Workshops Dmitry Brusnikin. "These teams are 80% formed by graduates of the School Study," the Rector explained. And, of course, there will be many Mkkhats, "he added.

"First I would like to say about the honorable artist of the RSFSR Margarita Anastasieva, who has a student card of the School of Art Theater of Moscow. This card is issued by Margarita Viktorovna in alphabetical order – her name begins with the letter" A ", and 75 years ago in the first school collection, She is now 93 years old and she is the only one living since the first show in 1947. Thank God, she is in good condition and will even perform tonight, "Zolotovitsky said.

He said that the program will traditionally be built in the genre "skit", which is famous for the Moscow Art Theater. "But the anniversary will be sad." This year, Oleg Pavlovic Tabakov died, Dima Brusnikin died, but we can not remember them, "Zolotovitsky said.

"But there will be something weird, congratulating," said the rector of the Moscow Art Theater. "I'm very worried, but I hope that everything will be fine. First Channel will shoot the evening," he concluded.

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