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The weakest and strongest signs of the zodiac named Vasilisa Volodina


All people are different in resistance, character, courage and many other qualities. A great role in this is played by those who are for horoscope. Vasilisa Volodina said that the signs are considered weak and that they have a great power of will.

Fish, scorpions and cancers have an inflexible will power. It's hard to break. Often men born under the sign of Pisces or Cancers become military. This is because they are able to bypass the difficulties in their way of life. If the representatives of the signs of the zodiac, which belong to the "Water" element, have a certain opinion on something in mind, it will not change in any way.

The Lions, Sagittarius and Aries are very optimistic. In any situation, they are based only on their own strength. They know how to act to achieve success and get the best out of life. But its decision-making is often influenced by the opinion of the environment. Sagittarius, Lions and Aries often, unknowingly, find themselves in a society where they can be helped and supported. Without the support of his friends, it will be very difficult in life.

As for Capricorns, Taurus and Dev, it can be said that they are persistent 'lying soldiers'. They go well for all the difficulties of life. However, his mental trauma will be in its element, that is, on earth, always.

The majorityThe signs of the zodiac, according to astrologers, are considered signs of air. In other words that is: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They have a very low force of will. However, they have other virtues that make them "fly" through life. These people like to communicate with each other. They are able to unite everything. His weakness manifests itself in the impossibility of defending his opinion, his point of view. In addition, opinions about the situation change too often "at the speed of light."

Vasilisa Volodina noticed this characteristic: the masculine signs of air and fire elements are weak and female signs (water and earth) are strong. In other words, a woman is endowed with stability and resistance, so that with her help, a man can perform externally.

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