Saturday , July 24 2021

Twitch reveals 7.5 million robots: the best filters have lost millions of followers News

The streaming platform Twitch has uncovered more than 7.5 million accounts that have been involved in tracking followers. On Twitter, service representatives warned streamers of a possible decline in the number of viewers and subscribers in the coming days.

The results of the robot block have already affected some Twitch streamers. Big serpentines like it Felix xQc Lengjel and Chance sodapoppin Morris. According to the Twitch Tracker service, they have lost about 2.1 million and 2.9 million followers since early April, respectively.

According to the Twitch tweet, the platform could block even more robots in the future. To calculate false accounts, the service uses machine learning technology, which will continue to monitor flows. Site representatives added that if necessary, they will contact police agencies to combat users who cheat.

Earlier, Twitch announced that it would start blocking users for breaching the platform’s rules, even outside of it. Representatives of the site noted that during the potential proceedings will take into account the statements of the suspect on other social networks. In addition, inappropriate public behavior, including acts of violence and threats, can lead to sanctions.

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