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UEFA Europa League | Semak broke the silence of Bordeaux: Juba can miss his home matches, Paredes has asked for his departure to Moscow, Ivanovic rests!


Coach Zenith arrived in Matmouth
Atlantic "with serious news: blue-white-blue can not
to count on the match Europa League with the Bordeaux on the striker Artemu Dziubi and
defender Branislav Ivanovic. The first one was injured and was never trained after playing with Akhmat.
The question of his participation in the game with CSKA will be accepted depending on that
Can Artem work with the team on Friday? Therefore, it will be
touch and his way to the national team, which will be a control match with Germany and a league match with Sweden. As for Ivanovic, Branislav
it was decided to give a decision to rest a little and recover a bit. So
Therefore, the composition of "Zenith" in Bordeaux is far from optimal. True, Semak will not punish Leandro Paredes for his removal in the match with Akhmat.

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"He certainly did not provoke anything," coach Zenit said. "This is an erroneous technical problem and a surplus of emotions. One more thing, knowing that he has a ticket, Leandro could get out of the removal." The player will be punished, but premeditated
In his actions, I do not fully trust him. He wanted to continue
match with CSKA, but we allowed him to go home, use it
Pause. Such opportunities for players, especially from Argentina, are
rarely. Paredes is an excellent player and we expect progress from him in all actions, both in defense and in the attack.

– What is Zenit expected in Bordeaux?
– We will try to play well and win. but I think
Bordeaux will come out with the same intention. Let's see what's going on.

– Do you know that Bordeaux changed his owner yesterday and do you think it will become more dangerous than at previous meetings due to psychological turmoil?
– I know about. How will this event affect the game "Bordeau" in the short term
perspective, difficult to predict. In the future, it will change, but what
will happen tomorrow, I can not say. Shift usually gives a strong blow
chief trainer, what happens after changing your head, I judge
more difficult.

– "Zenit" has become less effective lately, it has noticed little. What happens
– To throw it, you have to understand the moments that we create. The question is this.

– Until the game with Zenit, Bordeaux recovered one of the most dangerous players in the attack, Kamana. Will you take neutralization measures?

"In addition to Kaman, they still have Karamo, Kalu." Bordeaux is not just a strong player.


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