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VTsIOM: Russians prefer domestic products and household appliances – the company


MOSCOW, November 8. / Tass /. Russian consumers make a decision in favor of domestic food products, however, when choosing home appliances, preference is given to foreign brands, according to the VTsIOM survey, which was established by the World Quality Day.

"At the same price, the Russians will prefer to buy Russian vegetables (95%), fish and meat (94%), dairy products (91%), fruits (82%), pasta (85%), chocolate (76%), (46%) and footwear (52%), but the difference in popularity with Russian manufacturers in these categories is low: 40% and 38%, respectively. As for home appliances and electronics, the Russians believe in foreign manufacturers (73%) . Only 18% of our fellow citizens choose the domestic goods of this category at the same price, "it says in the message ui

When choosing a product, most respondents (83%) pay attention to their shelf life, as well as the composition and content of the ingredients (51%) and information about the manufacturer (37%). At the same time, most respondents are skeptical about product composition information, which the manufacturer points to on the packaging: 76% share the view that this information is rather inaccurate or incomplete, and only 16% trusts this information.

"Turn to the research of previous years, two trends are noted: First, compared to 2017, indicators of attentive attitude towards consumed products are growing, which is certainly a sign for the development of a culture of consumption as a whole. significant product categories – increased) trend of reorientation on domestic products As far as clothes, footwear and home appliances are concerned, the conclusions must be very careful due to the high level of stylization of domestic products. Lei under the signs of foreign brands, but at least at the level of p standing stereotypes consumer, imports continue to benefit ", said Kirill Rodin, head of policy practitioners information and communication technologies in the VTsIOM-in, commenting on the results of research.

The All-Russian All-Russian Survey "VTsIOM-Sputnik" was held on November 2, 2018. The survey was attended by Russians older than 18 years. The survey method is a telephone interview based on a stratified double random sample of fixed and mobile numbers of 1600 respondents. The sample is based on a complete list of telephone numbers included in the territory of the Russian Federation. The data are weighted by the probability of selection and socio-demographic parameters. For this sample, the maximum error size with a probability of 95% does not exceed 2.5%. In addition to sampling errors, the text of the issues and the various circumstances that arise during field work can contribute to research data.

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