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4 Arab countries have problems after the decision of the CAF Champions League

The “K” speech confused the accounts of more than one federation, because local tournaments that qualified for continental competitions did not end before that date, as a result of the delay in the start of their season. of football, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Among the Arab countries participating in the African Champions League, only Tunisia, Libya, Djibouti and Mauritania will finish their local competitions before the end of June, as the Asas Telecom team won the Djibouti League title, the competitions of which they had already finished, and the Esperance team won the title of the Tunisian league, the last tests of which will be played in the second, ten of this month of May.

In the Libyan League, the tournament, which is held in two groups, is close to the finish line, there are only two rounds left, and then a match is played between the leaders and runners-up in each group in a system of knockout to determine the final two games: groups of heroes and relegation, during the current period.

The situation differs in 4 other leagues, namely the Egyptian, Moroccan, Algerian and Sudanese leagues, as the Football Association of Egypt and Morocco announced that the competitions would not end before next August and the indicators of the two championships of the Algerian league. that there are 18 rounds left and the Sudanese, in which there are more than 15 rounds left, confirm that the competitions will not end before next August and could expire in 7 weeks.

Two scenarios and a single solution to cross the crisis

CAF’s speech specified two scenarios for participating in the Champions League and the Confederation, as it demanded that federation officials who naturally finished their competitions adhere to known standards and that countries that decided to cancel the season completely, the teams that were present at the continental competitions last season will participate.

As for the “dilemma” of the four patrols that have not yet been completed and will not be concluded before that date, Abdel Moneim Shatta, a member of the former technical committee of the African Union and a player of Al-Ahly in the eighties, has identified a solution to overcome the crisis, indicating that it will not sufficiently postpone the announced date.

Shatta said in exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia: “I do not think it is enough to postpone the date, just as the crisis is not new and has occurred more than once in previous times and has always been resolved in the same but in the circumstances we live in because of the Corona virus, the solution will be. “Closer to implementation.”

He added: “There is no solution to these federations, except to agree with the clubs the participants in the two tournaments by mutual consent without creating problems to avoid any crisis that comes from angry clubs. It is an agreement that satisfies everyone, just like the The Sudanese Union does this by sending the best clubs and the issue is over.

As for the complaint of one of the teams that participated in the current edition of the two African championships and did not propose it, the association of their country requested a continental play next season, as the competition was not finished, Shatta explained: The federation is the one who decides on the issue and is the one who issues its decree, and the African Union does not interfere. Except in the case of excluding the previous version champion or runners-up, it is known that all competing teams and clubs far from the picture.

Shatta concluded his statements to Sky News Arabia: “Therefore, the matter must be done with a full agreement between the federations and the clubs. Each national association is aware of the teams that have the capabilities, they can travel and support the pressure of the parties, and is ultimately responsible for making decisions. “

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