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40 thousand billion .. The external debt of the year despite the printing of money! Shrouk Online


Despite the choice of the Algerian authorities to ban borrowing abroad and not to resort to anything, no matter how dictated by the circumstances, but the external debt slightly increased and at the end of 2017 reached about $ 4 billion or more than 400 billion dinars 40,000 billion centimeters), while the largest part of the short-term debt, about 2.5 billion dollars, while the medium and long-term debt is estimated at $ 1.89 billion.
The Bank of Algeria's annual report revealed a new value for assets traded off the official channels, which exceeded 4700 billion dinars or more than 470 billion billion centimes traded on the market far from bank control.
A report to be presented to National Assembly deputies announced an increase in external debt next week, at the time Algeria Bank estimated that multilateral loans amounted to $ 1077 billion, while bilateral loans amounted to $ 634 million.
Bank Algeria's report on the turnover of over 4716 billion dinars or about 500 thousand billion cents outside banks and banks, a very important figure representing about 31 percent of cash in Algeria and 24.9 percent of GDP, especially after the government took a series action To attract such funds to the official constituency.
According to the Bank of Algeria, Al-Shorouk estimates that Al-Shorouk always has a copy, the amount of available cash equivalents amounts to 14974.6 billion dinars in 2017, compared with 13816.3 billion dinars in the previous year, at a time when cash was out of banking high, as a natural reflection of absence or lack of trust in banks if they declare themselves in relation to the parallel dominance of the market.
In a similar context, the Bank of Algeria's report reveals that the balance of payments deficit remained at a very high level, reaching $ 22.096 billion in 2017 compared to $ 26.219 billion in 2016, as well as a significant trade deficit deficit of $ 14.412 billion compared to $ 20.129 billion in 2016.
As for imports, at the end of 2017, it reached 48.98 billion dollars, compared with $ 49.43 billion in 2016. Although this decline has not been translated, political will is not translated into a reduction in the import account, especially since the executive has applied many measures to stop the bleeding of the hard currency and the tobacco outbreak that takes traders out of the import account means to smuggle the hard currency by boosting it .
Among the important indicators included in the annual report, the increase in service imports, estimated at $ 11.182 billion in 2017, compared to $ 10.776 billion in 2016. It is also known that the government signed a formal directive banning the use of foreign studies for the preparation of study projects. The report also noted that the negative developments and the balance of payments deficit contributed to the impact on foreign exchange reserves, which indicates that the Bank of Algeria data lost 16.80 billion dollars for the year between 2016 and 2017, Worth $ 97.332 billion to $ 114.138 billion in 2016 or an equivalent of $ 19.474 billion in 2017 compared to $ 22.747 billion in 2016.
In addition, the government estimates that the next three years will know the erosion of Algerian foreign exchange reserves, and the draft fiscal law stressed that in the next three years, the Algerian reserve will reach less than $ 34 billion, and in the next year reserves will fall to $ 62 billion. And it will continue to erode at $ 47.8 billion in 2020 and reach 2021 to less than $ 34 billion or to $ 33.8 billion, so Algeria will lose about $ 47 billion in reserves during this period.

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