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After suffering from a fire in the disease zone … Kalid Abdul Rahman confirmed his audience about his health


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Written by امير فتحي on Friday, November 9, 2018. 03:39 –

Khalid Abdul Rahman

Khalid Abdul Rahman

Khalid Abdul Rahman

Saudi artist Khalid Abdul Rahman, in his audience, through his official Twitter account, convinced his audience to his health via a video clip saying: "My Republic, my greetings, today I tell you that I was in the clinic. Thank God you are things good, We do not see evil, God wants "

Commenting on the passage, he said: "Peace, grace and blessings of God on you, thank God for everything that blessed us in everything, my holy republic and my dear followers, and Allah will reward you with all your good." Thank you for your constant prayers and prayers.

It is worth noting that artist Khaled Abdul Rahman was infected with fire and spent several days in the hospital until he recovered and returned to normal health.

Thank you for reading the news about the further infection of the fire belt … Khalid Abdul Rahman confirms his audience about his health in the Gulf 365 and informs you that the content of the theme was written by Norte and may have been completely transmitted or quoted from him and you can read and follow news about this source from the sources of the next line of Norton and we are not responsible for the content of this news with the best wishes for Happi Dai.

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