Sunday , October 17 2021

After the horrible incident, Prince Philip apologizes to two women

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth Britannica and the Duke of Edinburgh, apologized to two women who were injured in a car accident in early January and rebelled the country.

According to Sky News, Prince Philip, 97, sent an apology in writing: "I want to know how much I feel sorry for having caused the accident."

He said he was crossing a road that knew the traffic he had, but "something" caused the accident, according to the husband of the British Queen.

He explained that the sun shone on the day of the accident and, in normal circumstances, there is no difficulty in seeing the other way in, but due to the new situation, it is not He could see the next car, which caused the collision.

Edinburgh's duet suffered a traffic accident on January 17, turning the car over while driving near Sandringham's farm in England, while the Buckingham Palace announced that the prince was unharmed, not to mention the injury of the two women.

The Buckingham Palace said that Prince Philip was not used when his car hit another car and turned over.

After the Prince's car turned upside down, one of the passers-by ran out. The Duke of Edinburgh had another person in the car that was likely to be a protection officer.

If the police finds Prince Felip guilty, he will be accused of driving recklessly, which means that black points can be added to his record.

There was a revolt in Britain after the incident, but the authorities quickly gave Duke of Edinburgh a good "replication" car, which indicates that the prince, who is close to 100 years, will not stop driving.

Prince Philip withdrew from participating in the real obligations of 2017 and underwent a hip replacement in May of last year.

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