Friday , August 12 2022

Al-Riyadh Newspaper Deputy Emir Mecca reviews the business sector initiatives in Jeddah


Deputy Emir Mecca is reviewing the initiatives of the business sector in Jeddah

The Deputy Governor of the Makkah region, His Royal Highness, Prince Abdullah Bin Bandar, reviewed the business sector initiatives in Jade, presented by the Chamber of Commerce in the province.

Prince Abdullah bin Bandar met with the Under-Secretary of the Emirate, Dr. Hisham bin Abdullahman Al-Falih, on a series of development proposals presented by Deputy Chairman of the Jeddah Committee Ziad Al Bassam, who presented a range of investment opportunities that focus on different sectors, including Finance, Tourism and Tourism , as well as in the areas of traffic, housing and others, all aimed at keeping pace with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030.

The deputy governor of the Makkah region reviewed the work done over the past seven decades by the Jedi Chamber of Commerce, which included workshops and economic and investment forums, in addition to supporting business men and women in the governorate.

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