Tuesday , June 22 2021

Al-Riyadh Newspaper Opening of the Seventh International Conference on Chemistry at King Saud University

Opening of the Seventh International Conference on Chemistry at King Saud University

In the name of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor Riyadh, President of King Saud University Dr. Badran bin Abdulrahman Al-Omar opened today the seventh international conference on chemistry held at the King Saud University in the period of 4-6 / 3 / 1440H.

And the opening ceremony of the opening of the Holy Qur'an. Then the Chair of the Organizing Committee of the conference dr. Zeid Al-Otman delivered a speech in which he said: The conference topics are in line with the vision of Saudi Arabia in 2030 and its goals aimed at improving water quality and wastewater treatment, preserving clean energy and improving environmental conditions. It is an essential and important pillar in achieving these goals.

The discussions include the research of chemicals, their properties and application in pollination and waste water, as well as the application in the field of environmental protection in the field of clean and renewable energy, as well as the role of chemistry in improving the delivery of drugs and medical applications, as well as applications of nanotechnology. In addition to the scientific exhibition of posters and the organization of 7 specialized workshops on the margins of the conference, all are concerned with biochemical and influential topics. The conference will be hosted by international and local speakers. Jen from research and scientific activists in the field of chemistry.

Dr. Badran Al-Omar held a speech in which he greeted the audience and said: "It is an honor to open a conference in the name of His Majesty Amir from the Riyadh region, which comes at an important moment serving the Kingdom of the economy in the knowledge economy and the diverse economy. Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and His Majesty the Crown Prince – God can preserve them – universities and, in particular, the King Saud University increases the role of a university in Saudi Arabia in conducting scientific research in order to focus on n researches and innovations and the invention of the output to complete the scientific-research system and the university asks to pay attention to scientific research, basic research, research and development, research and orientation towards the knowledge economy, reliance on hard scientific research in support of the process of economic development and transformation at a stable pace to use research, and applied Bjanabih.

Al-Omar stressed the positive role of the chemical society that organizes this conference in achieving the aspirations of universities along with other scientific societies in supporting research and community service and developing human resources suitable for the labor market. The Association held more than 150 activities at its meeting, and the Chemical Society won the best scientific award over the past year and a video documentary on the achievements of the Saudi Chemical Society since its founding to this day.

After that, the director of the University and the attendees went to the opening of the exhibition that followed the conference, where everyone went through the whole exhibition.

The ceremonial opening was attended by university agents, faculty deans and conference participants from experts and chemists.

In conclusion, the strategic partner SABIC and the scientific partner started the city of King Abdulaziz for science and technology and respected the main speakers.

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