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Causes and symptoms .. How to treat them .. What is a tummy call?

Overview – Preparation – Mohammed Ali Hashim

Gastroenteritis is a type of bacteria that grows in the digestive system and has the ability to attack stomach deposits, infections caused by abdominal cramps are usually harmless, but are responsible for the main sores that occur in the stomach and small intestine.

What is the stomach of the call?

Helicobacter pylori is a bronchial sputum that infiltrates into the stomach and places it in epithelial cells of the mucous membrane. Over time, bacteria cause inflammation and destruction of cells. They are present on the periphery of the stomach or upper part of the small intestine, and in some cases can cause cancer in the stomach. This call is very common and widespread, and its global incidence is about 50%.


Usually, most people with stomach ulcers do not show any symptoms. When a person has stomach or stomach ulcer, he or she may have one of the following symptoms

Often bugging.


Feeling nausea.

A feeling of pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen, especially when you are empty at night or after a meal.

Feeling overwhelmed after eating small amounts of food (source)


The first option is drug therapy

Usually, you will need a cure for combining different antibiotics with other drugs that reduce stomach acid, because lowering stomach acid helps antibiotics work more efficiently, this treatment is sometimes called triple therapy, treatment may vary according to your previous medical history, and if allergic to any Which of these drugs.

Another option is a change in the way of life and nutrition

There is no evidence that food and nutrition play a role in the prevention of gastric ulcer disease. However, foods rich in spices, alcohol and smoking may exacerbate the ulcers and prevent them from properly curing.

Treatment of abdominal cramps with onions

Gastroenteritis is the common type of bacteria that grows in the digestive system and has the ability to attack stomach deposits.

Causes of abdominal cramps

Infection through killing and using tools of an infected person.

There is no personal purity that is one of the most important causes of infection.

Eat contaminated taste

Drink contaminated water

Garlic is anti-bacterial and anti-microbiological, so it protects the digestive system from bacteria that cause stomach cramps. It also soothes the lining of the stomach and bowel to facilitate convulsions and nausea.

First mik:

Clean three garlic onions.

Mix from a spoon of raw honey.

Eat this mixture once a day.

Use the garlic as a spice cooking regularly to prevent the Pilore Pilore.

Second Mik:

Bucket of yogurt

Remember one garlic clove

Mix them well

Take a morning spoon of this mixture to get an amazing result.

Garlic on the stomach for stomachs:
We also know that this method has many benefits, including the elimination of the stomach of the fetuses, which physically and psychologically leaves a lot of fatigue, so that every day they take two white garlic proteins on the plate to enjoy health and psychological comfort and safety.

Prevention of gastric ulcers:

– Personal hygiene
– Clean the VC before sitting
– Use the patient tools.
– Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap continuously.
– Clean the food before you eat it
– Sterilize vegetables with vinegar, then water for cleaning from any bacteria. (Source)

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