Thursday , December 9 2021

Egypt … sentenced to prison in case of "Abu Trika"


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CAIRO: Egyptian court sentenced former Egyptian player Mohammed Abu Trike to prison for a year in prison over a tax evasion case.

According to the official Egyptian news agency, "The Court of Financial and Commercial Violations today condemned Abu Treiki for one year in the name of tax evasion of 710 thousand pounds (about $ 40,000), the value of commercials for the gas company and the telecommunications company."

According to a previous source, the court also ordered a bail of 20,000 pounds (about $ 1,000 and $ 150) to stop execution.

The Agency did not give any details as to whether the bail was paid.

The hearing took place in absentia Abu Trike (who currently resides outside Egypt) in the presence of his defense, who requested a postponement to obtain case files, according to local media.

Abu Treika was not immediately available for comment or defense.

Chief State Prosecutor Nabil Ahmed Sadik approved the prosecutor's decision to evade taxes to bring Abu Triku to trial for tax evasion in the period from 2008 to 2009.

Abu Trika, who had not been Egypt for years, is on the list of "terrorism" in Egypt after being accused of joining the Muslim Brotherhood, which the government classifies as a "terrorist group". (Anatolia).

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