Sunday , October 2 2022

"Electricity" ends with a line that connects with Sudan at the end of the year with a capacity of 150 MV


An official source at the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy found that the Egyptian electricity transmission company had completed the drilling of a 300 MW electrical power project with Sudan as a first stage of 90%. It is planned to be operational in December, which is a starting point for the transformation of Egypt into a regional center. Through this, she will be able to fully connect with Africa.

The source said in a special statement for the "seventh day" that operational tests of the line of electric lines will be launched with Sudan at the end of this month and officially operational in mid-December, pointing to the operation of a linear capacity of 150 MV only instead of 300 MV, as planned.

The source explained that the capacity of the line will be divided into two parts for 150 megawatts per work, due to the inability to absorb substations in Sudan to absorb these opportunities once, explaining the work of the second line line capacity of 150 MV at the beginning of the new year.

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