Saturday , October 1 2022

Electronic University opens the door for enrollment in the Diploma of Digital Media and Law


Electronic University of Saudi Arabia announced the opening of a diploma paper in digital media and students for secondary school students and graduates or equivalent from Tuesday, 1440/2/28 in accordance with 2018/11/6 to Saturday 1440/3/9 corresponding to 2018/11/17 Recognition that acceptance will be made through the receiving portal ( Dr. Omar Al-Hasun, dean for enrollment and study at the university, said the acceptance of the specialization for digital media in Riyadh would be accepted only for students. Acceptance of specialization laws for students at the branches of universities in Riyadh, Damm, Jade, Abhu and Kassim will be accepted.

He pointed out that the university accepts candidates with a high school diploma or equivalents, regardless of how old they graduated, regardless of age. The University does not require the applicant to pass the test of competence and achievement, according to the competitor's differentiation of the applicants on the basis of a secondary relationship. Accepted will send the required documents to EMS for free. He invited those who would like to read the admission requirements, the required documents and the timetable for admission to the university website ( Wishing everyone success and payment.

The Saudi e-university is a government-run educational institution offering higher education and lifelong learning that provides graduate and master's degrees in a range of specializations adapted to the needs of the labor market to meet development needs and contribute to the construction of an economy and knowledge society and the transmission of a Saudi cultural message in favor of royal need and aspiration. 2030, besides providing courses in continuous learning and lifelong learning and adopting an integrated education method, and the student is the focus and basis of the educational process.

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