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Especially Pictures of Sister Rushdie Abaza's visit to Nadia Loti at the hospital


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Especially Pictures of Sister Rushdie Abaza's visit to "Nadia Lotfi" at the hospital, quoting the Masrawi website, on Friday, November 16, 2018.

Written by Mona Al-Moji:

Mounir, the sister of artist Rushdi Abaza, was tracking her account on Facebook with photos of her recent visit to the great artist Nadi Lutfi in a hospital in which she was being treated for some time.

"I have been visiting Nadia Lothi for a long time and I visit her, but after entering the hospital, I have to visit from time to time to check my health," she said.

"Nadia Lotfi's artist Sadik Azizah, a sister who is fond of us, was among us because she was very close friend of Rushija, and we shared with him to sit with him during his period of illness and his attendance at the hospital alternately."

"She is six very beautiful, her ghost sweet moonlight, she told me about some of the positions and dumps that Rushdi carried out, and their movements, to which Almkntz was deprived of the spirit of childhood."

Nadia Lotfi collaborated with Rushdie Abaza in more than one film: "Enemy Woman", "Search for Love", "Crime in the Pacific", "Sultan", "Never Returns" and "Beyond the Sun".

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Source: Masrava

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