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FilGoal | News Tired: Cooper's way Marvan Mohsen has made a lot of mistakes .. I did not want to be at the World Cup because of that


Is the crisis individual or planned for the attackers? This question was directed at former Egyptian and Egyptian striker Emad Moutib, commenting on what some see as a fall in the performance of the representative of Marwan Mohsen.

But Teeb had a different vision and a different advice on Marwan Mohsen, who explained during his stay "About Sport" after confronting Egypt and Tunisia in African qualifications.

"When Marwan Mohsen hoped to see me at the World Cup, I was hoping for that, but I did not really want to take part in this (defensive) way," Meteb said.

"I wanted to go to the World Cup and I was told that I missed the striker because I did not touch the ball, and I will not be able to play as I want because the striker is on his way only the middleman who gets a big ball, Mohamed Salah Province."

"The gameplay was very unjust, and Marvan Mohsen was sentenced. I can not say that we have no strikers, but we have good attackers Marvan Mohsen and Ahmed Hassan," he said.

But he added that "while the first striker of Egypt does not play for a long time and keeps the continuity of goals, but this did not happen, for example, with Amr Jamal and Bass Murci and Khalid Kamaro because of the rush of people, so everyone has to take their time.

He stressed that "no attacker shines in a short time, but he must be patient and ready to still have plenty of time for motivation and motivation to spend more effort".

"Marwan fought well against Tunisia in his moves with Salah and Trezeguet, and I only ask him to be more positive for that goal."

The national team made a tough 3: 0 win against Tunisia in the fifth round of the 2019 African League qualifiers.

Two teams are implicitly climbed and the conflict remains at the top of the group.

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